How to Make Your First Email Template on Outlook

Written by Kevin Liew on 26 Jul 2018
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In today's age of marketing, you can't go without an email template. Whether if it's your team or a group of loyal subscribers, making an email that communicates your intentions is critical if you want your message to be heard.

Making your first HTML email template can be daunting for a beginner. Fortunately, we’re here to help. So keep reading to find some expert tips on how to make your first Outlook email template well received by your recipients.  You can learn basics of HTML in this HTML5 tutorial

Starting Off

First, you have to create the html email template outlook. Do this by using the Outlook email editor or any other HTML editor. If you are making your outlook template with an external HTML editor, check to see that the images have absolute URL links.

Assuming that you've designed the html template via Outlook, then you'll be ready to go. To make your first template, turn on HTML editing for emails. Open Outlook, click the "Tools" bar, go to the Options menu and click the "Mail Format" tab and the "Message Format" frame and then click "HTML" from the drop-down list.

After you've made your HTML selection, you can create a new Outlook email message. While this depends on your preferences and skills, you can create the email with Outlook's features (Using the Format and Insert windows). It will use the HTML format automatically, making it easier to design an html email template outlook to your mailing list.

How Can I Add HTML Links?

Depending on your recipient’s email client software, you might have to place link tags within the body of your email template. Doing this will show a clickable link inside the recipient’s email inbox.

To create a hyperlink when sending an email, click on "Insert" menu and then select "Hyperlink." After this a new window will popup and ask you to specify the location of your link. You can use this function to show FTP addresses, clickable email addresses or other forms of links in your HTML email.

To customize the HTML message, you can integrate Outlook on Microsoft Word and edit the email messages. This will give you access to more HTML editing tools such as paragraphs, HTML tables or other HTML elements that you want to apply on your html email template outlook.

Inserting Images

To insert images, select the "Image" menu and click "Picture." This opens your image's editing properties. To find the image you want to insert, press the "Browse" button and look for the desired image file.

You can also make an alternate text for your image. The text will be placed over your image placeholders and will be shown if your email reader is unable to receive the HTML file of your picture.


To conclude, it's important to have your html email template outlook crafted correctly before sending it to your audience. Doing so will increase response rates, engagement, and referrals. Thus, make sure you devote time to making your template appealing to your audience.

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