Spotify premium promotion fears them!

Written by Martin Smith on 09 Mar 2022
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How dare they stop us from getting what we want? How can those companies and people influence our decision-making? Why should our success depend on their beliefs? Why can’t a musician help himself in any way possible to make his career more successful? Those are the questions I will try to answer in this text.

As a passionate music lover, it struck me like lightning that some people, musicians, don’t promote their music, because they fear not being accepted or praised by society for it. And this is strange, because for example, on Spotify, the promotion is the only way to grow your career faster. New services that provide Spotify premium promotion appear every day, and people are using them. Yes, many musicians do use those websites, those promotion services, but lots of modern young creators – don’t.

And I see that as a problem. There is nothing wrong in promoting your music. What else can you do if the Spotify algorithm simply fails to showcase your music in the way it should be showcased? Why should you ignore the fact that your music is wrongfully forgotten and ignored? You shouldn’t settle with that, you should fight, you should go against the current and promote your music. And even if sometimes most of the people are saying that it is wrong, and unfair, it may come out as a fair and good thing. Let’s examine that Spotify promotion.

If we are talking about properly made Spotify promotion, it is nothing like we are imagining it to be. It is not a fake show. No one is simply adding fake users to your account. The real promotion is all about social engineering, working with the audience, social media, media, and different social groups. The promotion services use a variety of methods that allow them to increase the number of followers, likes, plays, naturally. 

The people who are working on such things are true masters of Internet promotion. They can sell a bottle of water to a drowning man. They have experience, knowledge, and all the equipment and methods that can be used to make you popular. Only the real people, only organic and natural result. So why are people so afraid of them?

Well, as I see it, the main reason is the competition. Bigger musicians simply won’t tolerate the competition on the platform, so they start spreading rumors and fake news, about how promotion is bad and hurts the music industry. And all that happened despite the fact that they use the promotion themselves. Those are just double standards. And all those musicians are really afraid of you, young musician. Young musicians have proved to be more creative, more interesting, and more captivating to listen to and to follow. So, what do you think? Did I answer all the questions I stated?

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