How to make corporate websites look good (not boring as most are)

Written by Bogdan Sandu on 22 Aug 2021
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Every company needs a decent, well-designed, and user-friendly website. Prospective consumers will use your website to decide whether or not to pick your business, whether you provide in-person services, manage a retail store, sell items online, or offer b2b services such as consulting or marketing.

A strong website is critical to the success of your business. What it takes to develop outstanding and engaging company websites, as a webmaster who has worked on establishing or marketing over 100 small business websites.

The term "corporate website" refers to a broad range of websites. They all, however, share a common goal: to promote a company rather than to focus on the goods and sub-brands it delivers. 

A company's website is one of the locations where it may convey a favorable picture of professionalism. The goal of any website is not just to allow clients to obtain information about your product or purchase items, but also to assist strengthen your brand.

A strong business website has long been expected to be the definitive source of information about a company and the first place for consumers to learn about it. Some people still believe this. However, the web today is vastly different from what it was a decade ago. It evolved into something mobile, sociable, and emotionally charged. If you want to create a site that is one of the best corporate websites out there, you need to step up your game. 

Here are some important stages to getting started and helping your small business website compete effectively in the online marketplace if you are wanting to establish a new startup website or make your present site more effective.

Things kept in mind while creating good looking corporate website:

Choose a Website Builder or An Agency

Now comes one of the most crucial steps: selecting a website builder! It is crucial to note at this point that there is no one-size-fits-all option for selecting the best business website builder. Different organizations will have radically different requirements - a fashionable new restaurant, for example, will necessitate a completely different solution than a modest legal company. Working alongside corporate website design services will help you find the most suitable and reliable layout and design for your business website. There are many agencies out there to choose from and finding the right one may take some trial and error.

Functional and appealing design

Anyone who's ever attempted to create their website using a platform will be familiar with website templates. Corporate website templates are intended to expedite the process of creating a website by giving a basic foundation upon which to build.

Numerous website building systems now include hundreds of layouts organized into particular categories such as blog, business, personal, and so on. Templates in each of these categories are also intended for specific purposes. For instance, the business area will contain templates for anything from accounting firms to internet stores.

As a result, a top corporate website will adhere to a design that is appropriate for the industry in which it operates. Therefore, businesses must customize the style so that it is consistent with their brand and displays the values that they want people to identify with them.

So, whereas a legal firm will pick a conventional and reputable style, a trendy apparel company will be daring and appealing.


Today's visitors anticipate a certain level of familiarity with the functioning of the user interface from every site they visit. Quick link tabs, which appear at the top of most internet homepages, are one such example. 

Users rely on these tabs to browse the site fast and expect to find them where they usually do — at the top of the page. If they are not where they should be, visitors must waste time looking for them, which frequently leads to their hating a site.

A website should include a recognizable page layout that makes it simple to utilize. Furthermore, features like ordering, payments, and so on should all function following the established standard. Despite having an innovative site that can pique visitors' curiosity, if it irritates them because it is difficult to use, they will most likely leave.

Great content

This is truly a no-brainer. Filling a good website with amazing content is a big component of making a good website. While it may be tempting for a firm to overburden its website with information, this may be a costly error. The actual secret is to concentrate on being accurate and ensuring that each word is appealing to whoever reads it.

Personal touch


A website design should provide customization to its visitors wherever feasible. Whether through sign-in accounts or the usage of browser cookies, the capacity of a site to personalize the visual experience for each individual makes a site much more enticing.

The key to developing a genuinely outstanding corporate website is knowing your consumers and providing them with exactly what they want, as well as what they don't yet realize they want.

Here are some more examples of visually appealing corporate websites:

Amazon's corporate website

When it comes to internet shopping websites, Amazon's website truly sets the standard. The site is available in a variety of languages and features a high level of customization. Whether visitors sign in or not, the sites will customize the home screen to give recommended alternatives based on the previous search and purchase information.

The site sells 100,000s of various items and employs a variety of different retail strategies. Customers may buy directly from Amazon, other members, or even third-party retailers. Despite a large number of high-resolution pictures of the many items on offer, Amazon has guaranteed that the site has incredibly quick page load times and near-perfect uptime.

But that’s the ecommerce site you all know. What we showed here is the corporate website that they have. You didn’t even think that they have one, did you?

Not only it exists, but it’s packed with useful information about the company. 


What makes the site so intriguing is that it tries to catch the imagination of younger readers. The site is filled with the most recent news, each of which is presented with an enticing image that captures the reader's attention.

This is a device designed to appeal to youngsters and young people, and it works well.

To assist speed up the surfing experience, the site offers fast access tabs to several kinds of content. 

What you’re seeing there is an elevator pitch in code form. The site isn’t complex or fluffy in content. It sends direct messages about what the company does so that the message can get quickly at the younger audiences that we mentioned earlier and which don’t have that good of an attention span. 


Calisen is a leading owner and manager of essential energy infrastructure assets, as well as a provider of installation, meter reading, electric vehicle charging, maintenance and ancillary services, whose purpose is to accelerate the development of a cleaner, more efficient and sustainable energy segment. It doesn’t get any more boring than that.

And yet, their website is modern and intriguing. Good job to whoever designed it.

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