Why is Web Design So Important

Written by Kevin Liew on 10 Jul 2018
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These days, it’s unthinkable for a company to not have a website. A more important consideration is, of course, not only that any company such as Microsoft must have a website, but that this website is one that has a great design. Needless to say, some companies would go to great lengths just to ensure that the website they end up having is one that any website visitor will love.

Why all that fuss over good web design, you may ask? Well, no matter how difficult you may find it to believe, good web design has an almost imperceptible (but very real) impact on your business, whether that business is new or not. With the way things are going these days, it’s practically impossible to claim that you exist (or that your business exists), and not have the website to account for such an existence. More than that, it has also become just as important (perhaps even more) that this website that you claim to have is also one that looks good. But then again, the same question emerges: what’s so important about a website looking good?

Reason #1: A good website means easier navigation and increased usability.

If there’s any top principle that you ought to learn about web design, it’s this: user-centrism. By applying the idea of a user-centric web design, you also get to put yourself in the shoes of all your users, a.k.a website visitors. Now, if you have a good design for your website, your users will actually be able to navigate it more easily, which also translates to them getting what they want from you pretty quickly. This then translates to a lot of customer satisfaction, which also increases the chances of them using your website again.

(Hint: think of how websites of online shops like Jack Wills are designed in such a way as to make it easier for you to shop. That’s exactly the idea.)

Reason #2: Good web design shows your customers they can trust you.

Would you enjoy navigating through the Amazon website if it did not look as legit as it does now? Of course you wouldn’t. That’s primarily because in the present time, your website has also risen to the ranks of a digital representative – it stands for your company and your values in the virtual world. If your website is designed haphazardly, what would that say about your company? Solid burn right there.

Reason #3: It shows that you’re ready for the competition.

Of course, you can assume that your competitors are into getting good web design, too. Now, operating on this assumption, you have no reason why you should not invest in excellent web design. In fact, you’d be better off being at the forefront of the most updated tools and apps for improving your business, than ultimately finding yourself at the end of the line, struggling to catch up with the tide.

So yes, in the end, investing in good web design is always a good idea.

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