4 Productivity Tips For Web Designers

Written by Kevin Liew on 27 Mar 2020
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Creativity sells products and services and gets you direct orders. Creativity sets your content apart from the myriad of webpages competing for your customer's attention and, ultimately, leads more clients to seek your expertise. Creativity gets you a higher rate of pay or more web design jobs than other freelancers. 

Rest and Reduce Distractions

A good night’s sleep may be key to unlocking your productivity. Research shows that getting enough sleep may improve productivity, creativity and overall health. Ensure you have a regular bedtime routine and you keep work out of the bedroom. Rather than work on your bed, ensure your bedroom is a place of rest full of soft sheets and the best mattress for your sleep style. 

During the day, eliminate distractions and disruptions that interrupt your thoughts. People vary so what works for your co-worker may not work for you. Reduce distractions by wearing earplugs, burning scented candles, or playing soothing music to help you concentrate. 

Get away from other distractions like television or radio and create a work schedule to stick to.  Schedule in your meals so you are not distracted to eat all day and set internal goals for yourself. Try to make a calendar of when you would like specific tasks done. 

Create a Productive Space

Find the location where you feel your most productive, and then use tools to provide a quite space you can think. Noise cancelling headphones block external noise to help you focus on your work. Additionally, blue tooth services allow headphones equipped with microphones to place or receive phone calls. Make sure you have the tech requirements you need such as an extra monitor, a mouse, and a keyboard. Keep reference books nearby so you have everything in a specific working space. 

Take Classes To Help You Work Faster And Smarter

Always keep your skills sharp and learn new things by taking online classes. Inexpensive art, powerpoint, technical or animation classes, are all news skills you can learn in a single evening by finding the right online course.  Udemy, for example, offers instructional webinars for $10 to $20 each that teach web design, WordPress, HTML, landing pages, and lead generation. By learning more skills you will be able to move quickly on projects. 

Use Your Expertise & Propose Multiple Web Designs

Take risks and present multiple web design possibilities to show your client. By showing multiple designs at once you may get more feedback and understand the client’s needs faster. This will help you move much faster and deliver exactly what the client envisions.

Additionally, when meeting with the client demonstrate your expertise and provide direct recommendations.  Your client is likely very good at their job, but not an expert at web design- that is why they hired you! Impress your client by proposing a design that demonstrates their product and services clearly and shows customers why they need it. Take inspiration from competitors pages but provide clear recommendation on how you can elevate the designs. Again, this will help you reach consensus faster and help you deliver a great website quickly. 

With some preparation and practice you can increase your productivity and become a better web designer. Ensure you get a good night’s rest and create a working environment that will help you focus. Finally, understand the client’s objectives with the web design, and use your expertise to provide recommendations and options. Finally, keep you skills up to date to be able to work faster and smarter.

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