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Written by Kevin Liew on 20 Feb 2020
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Before the advent of the Internet, designers were forced to use paper portfolios for job interviews. Nowadays, anyone with a computer can post their works online. It’s convenient for both workers and employers, as well as also removes borders. However, it’s not enough just to create a landing page and place works on it. It’s very important to make your portfolio stand out from hundreds of other similar ones.

Choose only the best works for the portfolio

You should not include in your portfolio absolutely everything that you have ever created. Take time and see all your works. Exclude everything that isn’t your pride or that you don’t consider your best project. Choose what turned out to be successful, received rave reviews and gave good results. People have a short attention span, especially in the Internet space, so, first of all, show them the best.

Be original and trendy

If you have works that look non-standard, not like what other designers do, be sure to place them in your portfolio. Make people think "wow, this is really cool!" Knowledge of trends is also what the employer wants from the content maker.

Show variety

Don’t limit yourself to one single format. Submit different types of work that differ in style. If you worked on a project that doesn’t quite fit your standards but looks good, don’t doubt and put it in your portfolio. The main thing is that your examples must have something in common and look harmonious. For this, pay attention to color matching.

Include your personal works

What you include in your portfolio does not always have to be done for the client. If you have your own personal favorite projects, you can also add them to your portfolio. For example, you came up with a very creative logo of a nonexistent brand that enthralled your friends.

Specify project details

To make it easier for a potential advertiser to evaluate your portfolio, provide details of the projects you have worked on. Client name, tools that you used, fonts and how you prepared the work in general. It also shows you as a true professional. If you worked in a team, indicate the names of all participants.

If you make a portfolio with texts

Copywriters and translators should also think through their portfolios so that they look aesthetic. However, how to make the empty text attractive? Just add images that are relevant between paragraphs. Use visual content also to enhance the look of your portfolio.

You may need to work on retouching your pictures to make them look harmonious. All must match the same style. Use Photoshop or photo editor retouchme.com. Both programs have many effects, settings, and tools for creating unique photos.


Portfolio preparation requires no less effort than when you are working on an important project. Take time to select examples that show you from the best side and design their placement on the site. Remember that a master’s portfolio should speak instead of him.

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