5 Essential Measures to Take When Building a Website

Written by Kevin Liew on 25 Dec 2019
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There are millions of websites as well as blogs that get uploaded each day. However, what separates a regular website from a successful site? It's the measures that these sites strive to put in place that make them stand out. Do you want to build a successful website? Here’re some of the essential measures that you must take when building a website.

Plan your website

The first measure that you must take is strategizing and planning. You ought to find your key focus. Identify a target audience as it’ll enable you to design and create better content to appeal to them. You must know why you are building your website. You must set achievable goals and objectives that’ll act as your guiding tool each step of the way. It’ll enable you to experience long-term growth as well as the overall success that you long for all the time.

Choose a web host

As you’re considering to build a website, you must find the ideal place to host all your content. You must set aside a web hosting fee according to your budget. You can choose to go for a premium host as it’ll offer you an unlimited domain name as well as bandwidth. It’ll enable you to come up with multiple pages under a shared hosting plan.

Select a domain name

Your domain name and the domain extension order are quite crucial. While building a website, you should choose an apt name that properly involves your keyword. It’ll offer you uniqueness, something that search engines adore. If you’re financially well, you can choose a previous domain that's already registered, which has lots of backlinks. However, in case of any link problem, you can use various tools such as WhereGoes to diagnose the complex link issues. The beauty of domain investment is that it’ll offer you a competitive edge in SEOs.Bug testing

You ought to take the necessary precautions when testing your website and not just rely on what others have to say. You need to know the customers' problems first hand when they are trying to navigate through your webpage. It’ll enable you to deal with the problem before it escalates as you wouldn't want to experience a high bounce rate in your site due to navigating issues. You must take the necessary measures before you send people to your website. Ensure that you have a consistent message before you submit any traffic to your site.


You ought to use analytics to assist your business to grow. Most people hardly realize that they can use services like google analytics to see how long people spend on a particular site, what most visitors click on, and where most traffic is coming from among others. You must take advantage of this data to assist you in understanding the areas that need changes and improvement. Thus, you’ll become assured of more targeted traffic, enjoyable user experience, and high conversion rates. Your website needs to be appealing and fun to look at, at any time. You need to use the right keywords, images, italics, bolding, and anchor text links in your content. Don’t forget the benefits of services like WhereGoes, which will able you troubleshoot any link problem in your site.

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