How Your Business Can Get More Instagram Followers

Written by Kevin Liew on 25 Jun 2019
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These days, running a business isn’t only about selling great products or having a great business strategy. Those things matter, of course, they’re the backbone of what you do--but you need to have a strong online presence if you want customers to know about what you’re selling.

Especially if you’re starting a new business, and haven’t built a reputation yet, you need to shine online. Even brick-and-mortar stores need an online presence that’s just as shiny and beautiful as the stores where they show off what they’re selling. This means having a great website, engaging as much as you can on social media, and getting lots of followers on your Instagram account.

But Instagram’s super-saturated now, which means that you need to work even harder to get more Instagram followers. Luckily, we’ve put together some strategies that are guaranteed to get you more followers. Read on to learn more.

1 Use Hashtagsforlikes

One of the most important elements of any successful Instagram post is using the right hashtags. That’s how the Instagram algorithm will end up showing your posts to the audience you’re working so hard to attract. But researching the right hashtags can be exhausting, thinking about which ones are trending, which ones fit into your niche, and which ones you should create for your own business’s branding. That’s where a service like Hashtagsforlikes comes into play. They do the research for you, so you can focus on making awesome content. They even have a free version!

Considering that Instagram is the second-most engaged network after Facebook, using tools like this one will get you lots of new customers.

2 Be smart with your filters

When you’re first coming up with your Instagram strategy, you need to think about what filter you’re going to use. By researching your ideal customers and seeing what filters your competitors are using, you can figure out which one people will be most receptive to. Whatever you do, once you’ve chosen a filter, stick with it. After all, consistency is key. That said, there’s an exception to this rule: and that’s if you’re looking at your analytics and your followers aren’t actually excited about the filter you’re using.

Remember that 80 percent of Instagram users live outside the US, so if you want more engagement, focusing on visual aspects such as this will make a huge difference in building your following.

3 Work on your Instagram bio

Some people think that Instagram is all about the photos you post. If that’s your opinion, then it’s time to re-think that! These days, your bio is hugely important. It needs to match your brand’s voice and aesthetic, the same way that your website would. This means creating a logo or a profile picture that represents your brand and writing a bio that’s in your brand’s voice. Depending on what you’re selling, you can have fun with fonts and emojis. Whatever you end up doing, don’t forget that your bio should match with the aesthetic of the pictures in your feed.

Between 2012 and 2018, the proportion of online adults who use Instagram has grown by 400 percent. This means that you can get lots of followers once you’ve perfected your bio!

4 Use video content

Instagram started as a way for people to share pictures using fun filters, but now it’s become so much more than that. And one of the ways in which it’s changed is that lots of people are now posting video content. If it makes sense for your brand--let’s say, for example, you’re selling accounting services, and you want to post a video of figuring out an issue a lot of taxpayers have--then it’s smart to post a video. Remember when doing this to keep the feel of the video in line with the pictures you post and the content you have on your blog.

Nearly one in three Internet users are Instagram users--so if you use video content, you can get attention from lots of people! And if you’re looking to get lots of young followers, you’re in luck, considering that 71 percent of Instagram users worldwide are under the age of 35. They enjoy varied content, such as videos and Instagram stories.

These are some of the best ways your business can get more Instagram followers. Whether you’re running an online store like Verma Farms or a brick-and-mortar business, these strategies are sure to improve your online presence.

What other strategies do you use to improve your online presence? Share your insights in the comments.

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