Time to Use an Email List Verifier? Here Is What You Should Know

Written by Nidhi Mahajan on 16 Aug 2018
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As email marketing is becoming more and more popular, email hygiene is on everyone’s lips. Digital marketers understand how important it is to have a healthy list of contacts, so their emails can reach their recipients. If you use email to keep in touch with your customers, you may be interested in what an email list verifier can do. Stay with us, as we will explain how it will help your business.

Remove invalid email addresses from your list

An email list verifier is an easy-to-use tool that will remove bad email addresses from your list. What are “bad email addresses”? First of all, invalid contacts that were either misspelled or fake from the very beginning. Also, there are spam traps, abuse, disposable and role-based emails that can sign up on your mailing list and hurt your email deliverability.

There are two ways in which you can benefit from an email list verifier:

  1. Bulk email verification: you upload your email list in the system and you get it back clean.
  2. API email verification: this is a piece of software you can install on your website to check emails in real time.

Your sending reputation: why it matters

Internet Service Providers use your sending reputation as a metric to decide whether they deliver your emails in your recipient’s inboxes or in the Spam folder. No email marketer wants to end up in the junk pilebut having lots of bad leads in your database is going to affect your deliverability. A good email list verifier will prevent that from happening, by improving your reputation.

No more bounces

A high bounce rate is one of the first reasons Email Service Providers (ESPs) will reject your email list. It is a sign that your email hygiene is poor, and your email list needs a good scrubbing. Use an email list verifier to reduce your bounce rate and ensure your campaigns are landing in your customers’ inboxes. There are many services to choose from – study the market and pick the one that offers the best features at the most reasonable price.

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