The Best Headphone Cables on the Market in 2018

Written by Kevin Liew on 21 Jul 2018
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All audiophiles know that your headphone setup is never complete without the right cable. When it comes to buying new headphones, the cable is almost always overshadowed. Going completely wireless seems to be the trend these days. All of the top brands are coming out with bluetooth everything. But, for those of you that just can’t make the switch, these are the best headphone cableson the market in 2018!

1. Silver Dragon Cables        

Moon Audio makes top of the line headphone cables. These cables are made of, eight single 26AWG Teflon insulated wires that are 99.999% pure silver. How cool is that?

These silver wires are braided into a geometric pattern that acts as a noise rejection barrier. An added iron layer around the braid helps increase the noise rejection and help increase the overall sound quality.

The designers went with the WBT Nextgen WBT 0102Ag as their connector termination option rather than the usual RCA because their lab tests concluded it produces the highest quality of sound. The geometry of the braid and the iron shield also add to the overall durability of the cable, perfect for running along studio floors.

Silver Dragon cables were made for impeccable sound quality and years and years of hi-fi audio bliss. The creator of these headphones, Drew Baird, started building cabels back in 2002, when portable audio and headphone solutions were still in its early days. Today, he uses the highest quality copper and silver that he can get his hands on to create the best built chords on the market.

2.Shawline ShawCan

The Shawline ShawCan cable is the Chord Company’s first headphone cable in it’s 32 year history. Though it’s their first headphone cable, it is pretty safe to say that they nailed every aspect of it.

Using the carefully developed Super Aray conductor technology, these cables separate themselves from the rest by using high quality, silver-plated conductors, PTFE dielectric and a carbon composite shield that helps cancel out any unwanted mechanical noise.

Even the black outer jacket is designed to increase sound quality by assisting with acoustic damping. These cables are lightweight, flexible, affordable and everything you need to compliment your headphones!

3. Mogami Gold

Mogami cables are known for being all around the highest of quality. These cables are specifically designed for professional use whether in the recording studio or on the air broadcasting, they are reliable, accurate and certainly every audiophile knows that these cables are the way to go.

They are used in studios everywhere and is nearly every song you’ve heard on the radio probably used Mogami cables somewhere in their recording process. The headphone cord consists of Mogami quad mic/line cable and has TRS connectors with gold contacts. Mogami is the way to go is you are in need of audio clarity, low noise, low-loss signal transfers and a consistent manufacturing quality. The top engineers in the audio world trust this brand to get the job done without complaints!

4. Shure RMCE-BTI

The Shure RMCE-BTI cable is Shure’s first Bluetooth remote and Mic Cable for the SE earphone series. MMCX connectors for most Shure Sound Isolating earphones claim to provide hours and hours of playtime with the freedom of wireless Bluetooth.

It connects to most phones, laptops and tablets with eight hours of battery life and has a wireless range of 30 feet. It even has a multi-point pairing which allows you to transition between multiple sources and media types with ease.

A three button remote and mic allow you to have a full control over the music as well as calls and voice commands. Inside contains a powerful lithium polymer battery that can go for 2 hours after just 15 minutes of charging. This cable is super strong and durable and offers you an affordable way to convert your old wired earphone to bluetooth ones!

5. Nordst Blue Heaven

This bluetooth option claims to offer “a unique combination of technological innovation, liability and strength to make the best interface for mid to high level headphones.” Nordst uses 34 AWG 7/42 conductors, which are twisted into a Litz construction.

This geometry increases flexibility, eliminates triboelectric noise within the cable. The proprietary Micro Mono-Filament technology applied within the wire involves each conductor being wrapped with a strand of FEP and then it is encased in FEP insulation. This drastically improves the cable’s dielectric.

Aramid fibers have been added  to the cable as well to not only increase the structural integrity of the cable by transferring strain away from the conductors, but it also increases the overall sound quality due to its resonating properties.

These carefully designed cables will deliver music without any type of grain, and will make any type of headphone perform with high-quality sound.


Headphone cables are a vital part of your headphone setup that often gets overlooked. If you have a pair of low to mid-range headphones with an option for an interchangeable cable and you are wanting a better quality sound, consider these world-class cables before heading over to your local electronics store! If you are a professional sound engineer or musician, you should highly consider using high-end audio cables for your home studio to create the best sounding experience.

What are your favorite high fidelity headphone brands? Leave a comment with your best product recommendations in the section below.

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