Wix Answers – An All-in-one Help Desk Software for Your Business

Written by Kevin Liew on 29 Mar 2018
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No matter how successful your business is, there will always be curious customers asking questions and seeking solutions to their problems. So, to provide an efficient customer support, the one thing that both online and offline businesses need is a good help desk software.

When you’re on a quest for choosing a help desk software for your business, you’ll see that some tools are providing a ticketing system, while others rely on call center facility. But what if I tell you that there is a help desk software out there that offers both these features along with many more, in an all-in-one package, would you be interested?

Well, the tool I’m talking about here is Wix Answers. Interesting right? Let’s dig into some details.

All About Wix Answers

A great new product by Wix – the famous online website builder, Wix Answers is basically a cloud-based help desk software that makes it easy to create a Support Center for your business.

It comes with helpful features like Help Center, Ticketing System, Knowledge Base and Call Center that’s all your business needs to provide a good customer support. Along with these main features, it offers many beautiful templates, a feature-filled content editor and task manager, to name a few.

Though there’s so much to tell, however, I will restrict myself to the main features of Wix Answers only. Here are some of the details.

Help Center

Help Center has been designed to offer customers the quickest way to access the information they would be seeking, it includes Knowledge Base where you can upload helpful articles, practical guides and tutorials. It is a way of helping them find solutions before turning to your support team.

To synchronize the Help Center with your website’s overall look and feel, you can customize it and connect it to your website’s domain. The informative material on the Help Center is also fully integrated with the Ticketing System (I’ll explain about it in the next heading), so your customer support staff can quickly access and share them with customers.

Moreover, you can link the articles of Help Center with the tickets so you can track topics and issues that your customers seek about the most. 

Ticketing System

Tickets are another name to the queries that your customers make regarding your products or service. The Ticketing System therefore allows your customer care staff to receive tickets from different sources, including your Help Center, email or social media channels in a single location.

Some impressive features of the Ticketing System include sharing articles right from the Help Center, quick answers through Saved Replies, track responses and prioritize the questions. Isn’t that cool?

Call Center

Nowadays, a lot of customers feel more comfortable talking about their problems with a person on call, rather than other sources. Keeping this in mind, Wix Answers provides a great software for your customer support agents to answer you client’s calls.

Additionally, with Callback mode, your customers can request a time, add account details and questions so the support agent can see which customer is calling and for what reason. And your customers wouldn’t want to wait for hours for their calls to be picked and answered.

Multi-lingual Support Center

As web is international and businesses are growing global, localization of content and customer support also goes hand in hand. Wix Answers provides you with just the right tools to localize your customer information and related content.

The software translates your articles into multiple languages (currently including English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish) which is quite helpful for international customers.

When you’ll be signing up for the Wix Answers account, you’ll be asked to choose your primary language with an offer to add additional languages at any time. Resultantly, for every language that you add, you’ll receive localized email and Help Center template designs.


Yet another step to make the customer support service as efficient as possible, Wix Answers offers you to add a widget with in your website to give users precisely the kind of help they need. As the widget is intergraded with the products page, it keeps the customers from navigating out of a specific page.

The widget also makes all your articles created and stored in the same system with readily available analytics and statistics.

Some final words

Wix Answers’ has a lot of interesting features – and this is enough to vouch for the usability of this amazing help desk software. All the features in this tool are completely customizable and great in terms of SEO as well.

Apart from all that, Wix Answers is really quick and easy to set up – so easy that you can do it all by yourself. If all of this isn’t enough to convince you, go ahead create an account and experience the awesomeness of this software yourself!

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