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Written by Kevin Liew on 14 Mar 2018
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In the today’s generation of advance technologies and machines the information technology is the main role. Without the IT industry, the technologies with advance features cannot be created.

We are using information in our daily life also. All the electronic products are consists of information technology like our cell phones and computers, by which we can save, send, receive and utilize any type of data.

The information technology can also be found in auto industry as all latest car are coming with latest technologies like ABS, Cruise control, Bluetooth, voice command etc which cannot be possible to install in cars without information technology. So in this article we will discuss the main segments of IT world.

Definition of Information Technology (IT):

The term information technology is basically used for computers and networking systems. However, it also covers the field on televisions, broadcasting and telephones. All the software and hardware parts like semiconductors, telecom accessories or e-commerce businesses are directly or indirectly associated with information technology. We can transmit, manipulate or retrieve any data with the help of IT.

Web Designing:

To designing something we need to collect some ideas first and after that we need to work on that to execute on the product. Similarly, web designing is consists of different types of skills and techniques for making and maintaining the websites. Web designing has many different areas like graphic designing, interface designing, layout, content etc.  

In easy language we can say that web designing is the process to make websites of different types used for different purposes. To create a website we need to use a language called HTML and to give a best look to website the designers use CSS (Cascading style sheets). The combination of HTML & CSS defines the appearance of websites pages on a browser. Once the website pages are completed, the web designer will start creating images to put on website using graphic designing or adobe Photoshop in which you can save the image in web format.

Some elements of Web Designing:

  • Layout- To maintain the consistency, integrity and balance of the website you need to make layout first by which texts and ads will arrange.
  • Graphics- The logos, images, icons, clipart etc, all comes under this option. Designer needs to correctly place these images to keep it user friendly.
  • Fonts- As there are many fonts available on web, different fonts can be placed on website to enhance the design of website.
  • Color- The color choice depends on the taste of client or the type of website. The website can be multi colored or just a simple black & white design.
  • Content: The content on the website should be relevant and understandable and it should be optimized for search engines.

Web Development:

A web development is defined as the process of taking a website and makes it start functioning. To make a website start functioning the web developers use different type of languages and tools like HTML, JavaScript, PHP, CSS and many more programming languages.  

Elements of Web development:

  • Domain Information- This is the collection of information about the subject of website.
  • Audience Information- IN this write about the product you put on your website and the write about the people who are using it already.

There are many things to learn regarding IT field as it is a vast industry. If you want to get more knowledge about IT industry then there are many books available in market which you can buy from booksrun.com for basic and advanced technologies and the best part of this website if that you can sell your books as well to other people.

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