5 Data Backup Tools and Software That You Need

Written by Kevin Liew on 06 Aug 2018
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The journey through data backup is an interesting one, especially with the launch of newer technologies and data backup solutions. Ottomatik.io, for instance, happens to be the leading data backup solution provider that covers your business on matters data storage and security.

However, you can never have enough of a data backup solution, which is why you should employ data backup tools and software to help with the process. This list should get you started:

EaseUS Todo Backup Free

The EaseUS Todo Backup Free is a data backup tool with a clear interface and backup options appropriate for any level of experience. This tool offers a perfect balance between automatic and manual backup. This software operates by automatically backing up files in the locations you use commonly for your data storage, with an incredible option for backing up data on the cloud.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free will run backups on a schedule, either as incremental, differential or full backups. It has a free and a premium plan, both of which you can highly benefit.

Paragon Backup and Recovery

This is said to be the easiest way to back up your business as the Paragon Backup and Recovery software lets you set the backup plan without the need to revisit continually.

In fact, the Paragon Backup and Recovery is a whole data management toolkit that offers data backup and data recovery through CD or USB-based recovery systems. The software has a wizard-driven interface that is highly customizable to your preference, offering advanced data recovery options.

Google Backup and Sync

As would be suggested by the name, the Google Backup and Sync is affiliated to Google through using Google drive to back up your data. Although this is a newer data backup tool, has a straightforward setup that anyone can use conveniently.

However, the tool has limited customization options and does not favor full system backups. Because of the limited amount of space offered for free, use this tool for backing up individual directories.

Comodo Backup

The comodo backup is a data backup tools that allows you to perform all types of back up, that is, full, incremental and differential backups. This free data backup program renders you able to copy your files to multiple locations.

Besides, the comodo backup is incredible at profiling, which allows you to backup the files that you intend to, not all of them. However, the tool is only useful for older operating systems, up to Windows 7.

Cobian Backup

The Cobian backup tool is one tool that is resourceful to experienced users, perhaps IT specialists, mainly because it does not offer a step-by-step wizard for beginners.

One of the highlights of this tool is that it offers a highly customizable interface, with optional encryption that gives you more control over securing backed up data. With this tool, you can create and schedule numerous backup activities, and archive documents to a different hard drive, network location or an FTP server. In fact, you can conveniently run various backups at the same time without having to stall one.

Upon determining that backing up your most valuable data is essential for the success of your venture, pick up any of these tools and software to make your backing up process the more effective.

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