NodeJS vs Golang: Which one is better?

Written by Kevin Liew on 06 Feb 2018
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Want to learn a coding skill that's simple but also effective in the long run? In this Node js vs go debate, we decide which coding language is better for you.

What is Node.js?

Node Js is a Javascript that was primarily made for client-based scripting. It allows web makers to make web and server applications due to its quick and simple interface. You should use it if you want to learn an easy to learn coding language that's used for back-end web development.


  • Node. Js isn't limited to Javascript. They can be incorporated into Google Chrome's VM8 Javascript engine, which is used for its EMCA Script.
  • Node .Js can also be used to make servers and desktop applications.
  • Low latency and doesn't waste resources. It creates a single threaded loop to work with connections. This helps Node.js make functions that are faster than other than systems such as Ruby on Rails and ASP.Net.

What Makes Node.JS Better?

Node. Js is easy to learn. Every developer that knows front-end languages knows how to use this universal language. It takes less time to learn than learning complicated programming systems (Ruby, C, Python),

Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
Easy App Creation: Node. Js gives users more space in creating their apps. This means that you can make almost anything from scratch using its framework. API Instability: The API tends to change frequently, and most of these changes aren’t backward compatible. This means that programmers are forced to update the system.
Active Community: It has a large community on Github and Fullstack. This makes it easier to get assistance and support from it's growing network. Increased Development Time: With Node. Js, every code needs to be created from scratch. This can slow down a user’s productivity and make it more complicated to use.
Request Handling: Node. Js helps users process numerous requests. This helps in taking up less computer RAM, perform faster, and have high scalability levels.  

What is Golang?

Golang is a coding program that was created by Google. It also works as a community project that's open source. It is easy for beginners and can be read by other developers. It does not have a large set of features like other programs like C++ or C.

One advantage that Golang has is its memory efficiency. For instance, Go files take up only 2KB of memory instead of Java's files that are about 1 MB. This means that Java will take up a lot of your computer's RAM memory and could potentially shut it down due to low memory.

Golang’s solution to this memory issue was by creating a 2009 multicore processor. Java is an older language that was made in 1995, so its files were bigger due to the large desktop computers and the quality of the processing.

Golang’s Aspects

  • Goroutines have primitives that help users communicate through channels safely.
  • Golang's gorutines have segmented and smaller stacks.They save up more memory and use it only when it's necessary.
  • Golang has a faster startup time than Java’s thread.

What Makes Golang Better?

Go does not use complex syntax requirements like traditional object oriented programming languages. Google created this language so that it was easier for the average person with little programming experience can use a language in one line.

This pros and cons table helps demonstrate the obvious (and not so obvious) differences between Golang and Node js

Pros Cons
Faster Memory Processing: Golang is known for having faster processing systems than Node.js. No Virtual machine: This puts Golang at a disadvantage when compared to Node.js. It’s not able to do AI functions yet.
Simple Language: Golang uses one line coding which makes it the better option in a Node js vs go comparison Weaker Libraries: Node js is ran by Java, which has a proven history of creating innovative applications with its coding framework.
Automation: Go has a lot of automated features. (ex. free and malloc) Having these features are a modern invention that helps coders save time when they are on extensive projects.  


To conclude, we believe that both Golang is the winner. Golang has a lot of features such as a simple language, faster speeds, and a better interface. Overall, you should try Golawond if you want to have a constantly updating system to help you code better apps.


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