The Best Way to Incorporate SEO in Your Newly Designed Website

Written by Kevin Liew on 12 Nov 2017
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Modern technologies have influenced redirecting most of their business activities to the Internet and the main focus is on designing the suitable website to accompany them in the best way possible. A good website is supposed to easily provide the right information to your customers, but the secret to setting your business - and the website representing it - apart from the competitors lies in the smart use of SEO.

Keep reading this article to learn the best way to incorporate SEO into your newly designed website. 

Incorporating SEO

Essentially, search engine optimization refers to a set of practices designed to improve the quality of websites so they can rank higher in the search engine result pages. When used properly, it can bring several benefits to your online business.

For instance, when you invest in SEO, you can improve your digital marketing returns through the conversions you’ve generated for having good web traffic. Search engine optimization can also help boost your website’s credibility. Your site’s high search engine ranking can show users that search engines recognize your website as credible and trustworthy. Lastly, implementing SEO can help make your website more visible online. 

However, it’s essential to know that SEO is not a magic quick fix for your website’s problems; it is a long-term strategy that evolves over time, becoming more complex as your business and your website grow. Have in mind that it is always easier to start from scratch and apply SEO rules to the first steps of your website design, as opposed to trying to fix the damage of a badly-developed website afterwards.

So, either choose to manage your SEO strategy alone, using free tools available on the Internet, or hire a Digital Marketing Agency, a team of paid professionals who will help you compete in the fierce and fast-growing market. Whatever your choice is, we present you with a simple guide to incorporating SEO rules in your newly-designed website.

On-Site SEO Implementation

The first step before you decide to launch your website is to select the right domain name for it. As it is the address users will type in to find your business, it should include your business name and maybe one or two relevant keywords, but leave out any special characters or page IDs, keeping it clean and simple.

Next, add the title and short description for different pages on your website. This is something that will not necessarily be visible on your website pages, but it is a very important step, as the search engines utilize these information and form rankings based on them. With a proper title and meta description, your website is more likely to reach the target audience.

The title should be up to 70 characters long and should include your business name, followed with the keywords and key phrases specific for the website page. The meta description provides search engines with some additional information on what the page is about, but should also include words and phrases from the page title, to better match searchers’ terms and make your website more visible to them.

Adding subtitles and keywords will help search engines digest and understand the content better. Opt for no more than 5 keywords and key phrases per page, as Google penalizes websites using too many of them.

Content Rules

In order to please both search engines and website users, provide them with quality content, which can include blog posts, your industry articles, tutorials, pictures, videos and podcasts. The more content you have on your website, the more likely that the search engines will pick up your website pages in their index search and you will build a bigger audience.

Make sure to add text to the pictures on your website, too, as the search engines are not good at recognizing them without the suitable description. In addition, also make your content sharable and add social media share buttons to the top or the bottom of your posts. 

By doing all these things, you can increase your website’s chances of getting found in major search engines. 

Link building

The main goal of link building is to get other websites to link to yours, adding points to your search engine rankings. There are three main types of links widely used: organic links which you don’t have to ask for, representing the best and the rarest kind; whitehat which stands for good quality links and lastly, blackhat, the low-quality links that should be avoided, as they can do more harm than good for your website rankings. 

But among the three types of links used in a link building strategy, the whitehat links can be considered the most effective. This is because they’re used to finding new customers organically. With whitehat link building, you let more users learn more about your business online. Not only that, but you’ll also have the right people who can share your content, resulting in a quality following. 

Although it takes more time, using white hat links can be a credible and safe way of promoting your website without adversely affecting your SEO ranking. As such, if you want to understand better how whitehat link building can boost your SEO efforts, you can visit this website and other similar platforms for more information. 

On the other hand, to get started with link building, you need to know how links are acquired. Generally, high-quality links may be obtained by submitting guest blog posts to popular blogs and websites in your industry, or by reaching out to businesses related to yours. Also create social media profiles to promote your website, with Google+ being the most suitable one, or create link-worthy content to be posted on different websites. Another option is to pay for the advertisement and place your website’s content with the carefully-targeted audience.


Whether you have decided to implement your SEO strategy on your own or to pay a professional to do the hard work for you, have in mind that the basic rules of this process are just the foundation of the complete strategy.

As every website is different, there are no two SEO strategies completely the same. Implementing the right SEO strategy means differentiation on the market and gives you the much-needed advantage over your competitors.

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