Massive Collection of Modern Line Icons That Doesn't Cost A Bomb

Written by Kevin Liew on 14 Aug 2017
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Modern line icons have been quite a hit recently in mobile and web design. It was being widely used in iOS in mobile app and things just get fired up from there. We started to see it in website and even printed media.

There're quite a number of free version of line icons available to download. They are beautifully crafted and high quality, but unfortunately, the amount of icons they give away for free is too general and just isn't good enough to be used in different type of design. In my case, I was designing and developing a law firm website, I needed law related icons and I wasn't able to get away with free version because they don't have the icons I needed.

Then I also found a few that have a vast collection but it cost a bomb! As a freelancer, I want to keep my cost as low as possible.

So, as usually, I turned to graphicriver by envato. I stumbled upon this line icon set called Pure Lin Icons. For just $12 I get a great collection of line icons for different industries. In particular, it has exactly the icon set I wanted - Legal, law and justice. It's a perfect fit to my project.

This collection has 690 line icons in 4 styles. So you will get total of 2760 fully editable vector icons. It covers 21 different categories for different design projects.

Pure Line Icons

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