No More Client Revisions with Be Theme and Its 260+ Pre-Built Websites

Written by Kevin Liew on 01 Aug 2017
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The only thing more annoying than 15 rounds of client revisions, might be 19 or 20 rounds of the same.

Just when you think you have everything nailed down, your client sends you another email. You see a message describing a feature on a competitor’s website that would be “nice to have”.

I bet you want to cut down on the number of revisions and cut way down on the time it takes to incorporate them. If the above is a reality for you, chances you need to give Be Theme a try.

It’s the WordPress them that easily adjusts to any client’s needs.

1. Be Theme delivers exactly what your clients need

Be Theme is one of the top 5 Themeforest best sellers. It delivers precisely what your clients are looking for. There are several reasons for this. One of them is the richness of choice - the 260+ pre-websites can be accessed with a single click.

These pre-built websites address all the common industry and commercial sectors. Each one of them meets the highest standards of its niche.

Choose the theme that most closely matches your client’s needs and customize it as you want. There you go - you have a website up and running in 4 hours!

See how easy it is to install one of Be Theme’s pre-built websites by watching this cool 40 seconds video..

2. Here are 10 highly-appreciated Be Theme templates 


For clients who sell online courses: Be eLearning


Be Learning is a beautifully-designed, intuitive pre-built website for an eLearning platform or a client marketing online courses. Like the other Be Theme pre-built websites, this one was built from scratch with the end user in mind.

It supports a large amount of content, yet it’s easy on the eyes.


For small business owners: Be Craftbeer


If you have a client that sells a handcrafted product, that client will want a beautiful design that catches the eye and fully engages the user. Be Craftbeer provides just the right solution for such a client’s needs. Features include cool JavaScript effects, large images, and a well-structured design.


For interior designers and architects: Be Tiles


Combining architectural elements with content to achieve an elegant design can be quite a challenge, but Be Tiles demonstrates how easily it can be accomplished.

This pre-built website’s quality images and graphic elements combine to make a visual portfolio stand out.


For clients working in creative industries: Be Artist


  Be Artist’s design serves as a starting point to build a website that will satisfy even the most exquisite tastes and standards a client may require.

As is the case with all pre-built websites, this one is completely customizable, and includes cool features like parallax scrolling and JS portfolio filtering.


For clients working in the catering industry: Be Burger


Call it a breath of fresh air, or a breath of fresh design, but Be Burger, with its mouth-watering images, clean structure, and intuitive menu, will lure customers away from the competition. An excellent choice for a website that’s designed to stand out in today’s food-oriented culture.


For clients in the fitness & wellness industry: Be Sports club


For a sports club niche, you’re going to want something that’s modern, eye-catching, interactive, and dynamic. Be Sports Club has all these characteristics, and more.

Content blocks are cleverly arranged to deliver the information your client wants to include.


For clients in the travel and lodging industry: Be Hotel2


This pre-built website accomplishes more than simply advertise what a hotel or resort has to offer.

With its large cover photos, generous galleries, and perfectly-structured sections, Be Hotel2 is designed to ignite the desire to travel.


For restaurant or bistro owners: Be Restaurant


If you haven’t seen a restaurant’s website like this one before, it’s probably because few, if any, exist. Be Restaurant has been designed from scratch to meet the needs and tastes eating establishments ranging from 3 Michelin-start restaurants to small and cozy neighborhood bistros.

It’s a standout!


For your IT clients: Be VPN


With Be VPN as your go-to website, you’re certain to please an IT client or team, without getting caught up in a seemingly unending feedback loop.

This website’s clean and structured appearance, and corporate, yet friendly approach, will appeal to the most picky of clients.


For clients who sell luxury products: Be Car


This website has all the ingredients needed to spell “luxury” without going overboard. The design is indeed luxurious and the UX is intuitive. Also, the design details could best be described as “elegant”.

Note how powerful an adroit use of white space can be.

Summary: How does Be Theme rid you of ceaseless client revisions? 

  • A major factor is a large number of pre-built websites. It’s never difficult to find a perfect one for a client.
  • It’s possible to customize and deliver a complex website in as little as 4 hours. It will be complete with text, images, animations, and videos.
  • It’s among the top 5 Themeforest bestsellers. A worldwide user community of web designers and developers praises Be Theme.
  • The themes are easy to work with, and easy to adapt to your client’s most exacting and demanding needs.
  • Every design is carefully thought out, intuitive, and beautiful. The website offers large images and well-structured content blocks. All of them are in line with the highest standards of the industry or niche represented.


Tired of working on requests for revisions that keep piling up in your inbox?

With 260+ themes to choose among, you’ll find it easy to select one that meets your clients’ needs. Each of them can be easily installed with a single click to get you off and running.

A half-day’s work may be all it takes to deliver an impeccably designed and responsive website. With Be Theme, you will be able to impress the most difficult clients. Thankfully, “Version 19” will become a thing of the past.

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