6 Points to Remember When Preparing a Sales Presentation

Written by Kevin Liew on 24 Apr 2017
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Whether it comes to buying your product or your competition’s product, your customer always relies on the convenience and quality of your presentation. First things first, here you will find six points to remember when you prepare a sales presentation.

The content quality of your presentation will most of the times determine the sales, so, from that single thing, the customer will choose to buy from you or from your competitors. However, from previous experience, most of the companies’ presentations lack enthusiasm and are not evoking interest, or simply do not have enough attention put in to motivate the customer to make the crucial buying decision. With the points you will find here, you can learn how to make a difference and how to be a step ahead from your competition.

Connect Your Presentation to What You Are Selling

When it’s up to making the presentation, people often make the usual mistakes. They are trying to do something for their product but they end up losing themselves along the way and creating a simple and generic presentation. Do not do that. There is no such thing that can sell itself, your presentation must be different every time, and every presentation must not be generic, try to put things in order and make a one of a kind Power Point presentation.

When you discuss your product with potential buyers, the picture that you have of your product must be projected to each of the buyers individually and fit their characters. If you are not sure what to do exactly, try to modify the picture you project up to the point where it will be unique to that customer. If the presentations are easy to modify, for example, you can always find the connection of your product to the customer and explain how it fits their specific needs. The most important point here is to show them that your product can solve all their problems or satisfy their needs.

Bring the Goods in Close Relation to The Prospect

In all your presentations, you must play wisely. As already said, you need to ensure your clients that your product is what they need, so in that occasion here you are good example. You can prepare some samples of the product you are planning to sell to the customer and while the presentation is running and you discuss about it, you can give the item to your potential customers so they will have it in person and can examine the product in detail. Make sure you remember to tell your customers what they will get from your product against other products.

Get to The Point 

Today’s companies are too busy to attend long discussions. Learn your key points and know how to present them briefly without stretching. That way you will show your customers that you appreciate their time and you won’t waste it during future cooperation. Per Entrepreneur, make sure you know what the key points you wish to discuss are and practice them before you meet with your prospects.

Be Animated During Your Presentation

The most of sales presentations are boring and with lack of imagination. Try to stand out from the crowd and bring some positive energy and enthusiasm with it. Avoid monotone voice while you present and try to use your voice more effectively. A monotone voice in most of the situations causes the other person to lose interest in your presentation. If you are not sure how you sound, you can use voice recorder to catch your presentation while practicing and this will give you an exact picture of how you sound while discussing your product. Forbes also mentions how important it is to practice your presentation and listen to what you sound like beforehand.

The Impact of Your Approach Is Crucial

Imagine how deep and powerful the impact of your first approach can be when saying something like “Our product can help you make more money” or try to incorporate something personal in your presenting style that you think will be more appropriate for your occasion. In some situations, you can use physical demonstration. Instead of telling your client what you mean in words, you can bring a flipchart or a whiteboard to your presentation. You can write statistics, facts, draw pictures or whatever you think can help you boost your presentation. You don’t have any limits when it comes to this. You can use it even for video conferences, such as those hosted by BlueJeans. The approach is a big factor to help the prospect make a positive decision about your product.

Believe in Your Product and In Yourself

The last point is to believe in your product. Stop wasting your time on doubting yourself, because that is the single most destructive thing that can distract you from your purpose and that is to have an amazing presentation with a positive and beautiful ending. Try to eliminate your weaknesses with practicing and be positive and motivated to sell. 

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