5 Frequently Asked Questions About Online Website Builders

Written by Kevin Liew on 25 Apr 2017
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Online website builders are the next big thing on the internet that enable anyone who have no idea how to build a website on their own. These are unique platforms that provide users with different features and templates to choose from and create a suitably professional website for their product or service.

Although a number of online website builders are already providing services to millions of customers throughout the world, however, there are still many potential customers who want to try out their services but they have several queries and questions about website builders.

Therefore, this article focuses on all the frequently asked questions about online website builders that the potential users may have. Let’s check the following out.

Q1: Why to choose and online website builder over a professional web development service?

Answer: It is not the matter of choosing one over the other, instead, it heavily depends on your circumstances and requirements. Online website builders have no or very trivial price associated to them and give you more of a “do it yourself” opportunity of website building. This attribute makes them highly suitable for the people who are creating their website for the first time, either to begin their online presence or test the waters for their business.

On the other hand, professional web development service have a hefty price tag, but they also provide you much flexibility and advanced features which makes them suitable for the ones who want to add highly professional features to their website and take it to the next level.

Q2: What are the designing options available through online website builders?

Answer: One of the biggest concerns that the potential users have about online website builders is that the web design options are limited and highly clichéd. This may be true for some web builders, however there are some powerful website builders that provide not just an array of professional-looking web designs to choose from, but Html website templates with a lot of room to customize and maneuver in terms of layout, color and overall design of your web project.

Apart from that, by using the best online website builder, you can get your hands on features like columns that let you split your strips into smarter and more stunning parts, interactive 360° and 3D images as well as stunning VR-like effect, flexibility to select from over 600 professional fonts, along with other sought-after features.

Q3: Can online website builders create responsive websites?

Answer: Online website builders are developed to create modern websites that encompass all features that are currently in demand. Likewise, keeping up with the demands of a multi-device environment, the websites created through high quality website builders are responsive and get automatically customized for desktop, mobile or any other screen.

However, one needs to be careful in choosing the right online website builder for their website. Because there are a lot of platforms out there that do not provide a mobile-friendly website. You need to make sure that your website looks and gives the same high quality experience on any device the user chooses it to open in.

Q4: Can online website builders create search engine optimized websites?

Answer: When users create a website for their business, they think that their work is done and now all they need to do is to sit back and watch their website reach to the highest rankings on search engines. Well, they are nothing but wrong. Creating a website is half the work, promoting it through efficient search engine optimization makes up for the other half. Search engine optimization enables your website to make its mark in the rankings of famous search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.

Well, the good news is that a lot of advanced online website builders enable you to create websites that are SEO friendly which means that users will not have to work too hard to get their website ranked among the best websites in the competition. Apart from that, you can get templates that automatically pull relevant content from your online store into emails that are sent to potential customers and different SEO plans, with everything you need to optimize your site and easily get found on search engines like Google.

Q5: What are some other cool features that you can get on your website created through online website builders?

Answer: Some of the best online website builders offer most interesting features to accompany your website. These may include, polls and surveys, RSS, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds, event calendars and booking and reservations widgets, discussion forum, live chat and customer support, video integration, etc. along with many other cool offers.

To Conclude

Online website builders are a thing of the new ear in terms of website creation and promotion without having any prior knowledge about coding and designing. They can offer you so much in no or very little price, however, it depends on you to choose the best website builder among the rest that fulfils all your needs and gives you the most stunning websites.

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