12 Useful Mac Dashboard Widgets for Web Designers and Developers

Written by Kevin Liew on 01 Jun 2010
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I have switched to Mac for few years now, never regretted it because of two reasons. The first reason would be viruses/spywares/worms free, well not entirely, but at least so far I haven't experienced any file corruptions or browser hijacking yet. The second would be the OS itself, thoughtful design and slick interface :) I'm not trying to convert you, but just share my thought about it.

Anyway, my little secret playground - dashboard has heaps of widgets installed, and most of them are pretty handy and useful to accomplish small task and display information.

  • PHP Function Reference

    PHP Function Reference provides fast lookup of information about the PHP web programming language.
  • Page Capture

    The Page Capture widget is the easiest and fastest way to take a screenshot of web pages. No matter how long a page may be, the Page Capture widget will capture the entire page and save it to an image.
  • Color Theory

    Helps you design your website, redecorate your home, or perhaps even choose your outfit in the morning. It can even simulates various forms of color blindness! Sphere uses basic color theory in order to automatically provide you with visually appealing colors.
  • Symbol Caddy

    The Symbol Caddy Dashboard widget keeps a bunch of common special characters at your fingertips.
  • Tags CSS

    Quickly search CSS properties and attributes and easily copy them to your clipboard for use in any application.
  • Loremify

    Loremify is a one-click tool to copy Lorem Ipsum. It lets you wrap in html, specify the amount of text, and copy it to your clipboard—all in one click.
  • ColorMod

    An extremely flexible color picker brought to you by Sabotage Media (SabotageMedia.com). This color picker allows for users to select ANY color that they want. You can make fine adjustments via the textfield inputs or by simply dragging the color sliders.
  • Conditional Comments

    With this widget you have all the ways to use the conditional comments on yout web project, just at a click. Maybe just me, I can't remember te conditional syntax for IE.
  • HTML Tidy

    This widget allows you to use HTMLTidy to clean up your HTML code directly from your Dashboard.
  • JS Lint

    This is a Dashboard interface for Douglas Crockford’s JSLint script. It includes all the options of the real thing, as of the release date. JSLint is an online tool but they have ported it into a mac widget, so if you have javascript problem, try this (because most browsers don't provide enough debugging details).
  • Analytics Widget

    Displays Google Analytics data. There are 3 types of reports : Content Overview, Visitors Overview and Traffic Sources Overview , each of these also has 3 views: a graphical main view, a table of small graphs, and a textual view. One of my favourites to keep track of Queness's traffic.
  • Hiddenfiles

    Simple widget that toggles visibility of files that are hidden from the Finder. This will really handy when you are trying to look for .htaccess file.
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Neha Verma 12 years ago
Nice Tutorials,
Brilliant works,thanks dude for the valuable information, I think its very useful for me.. thanks again
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Rob 12 years ago
Ooh, didn't realise you could get widgets like this for the dashboard. Nice one!
William M. Agbo 11 years ago
This is a great post. Thanks man.
MacWidgets 9 years ago
No one is able to tell me for years now what is happening to the Dashboard, Dashcode and the entire development of it - is this the End ? It looks like it and i hope this company is faceing there own downfall - Go to Hell Apple.