3 Reasons Why Using Video Solutions Will Make You Work Faster

Written by Kevin Liew on 26 Oct 2016
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The world has certainly changed since only 20 years ago, and much of it is due to the fantastic advances in technologies, as well as the way we communicate. In fact, 20 years ago most entertainment was offline, with those who enjoyed being on computers often perceived as nerds or geeks.

In modern times, however, this is very different, and the rise of social media and video sharing has turned the online world into a busy place, full of an abundance of diversity and millions of users sharing, viewing and commenting on content on a daily basis from all over the world.

Despite this, however, many people seem to be slow to adapt to such technologies with the working environment. As such, we are here to share three great reasons why you should be utilizing webcasting services within your business, and how they can help you boost productivity, efficiency and profits.

Instant Communication Reduces the Need for Tedious Physical Meetings

Although meetings are a critical part of any office environment, it’s common knowledge that they are not the most favorable aspects of working life. However, meetings can be made far easier with simple video communications solutions from a reputable brand like BlueJeans Network, which can eliminate the need for a physical meeting location or boardroom, and cut down the wasted time and energy of moving from place to place just to collaborate or discuss important matters. With a reliable video and media sharing platform, you and your employees can connect instantly to ask questions, discuss potential problems, as well as share and collaborate without leaving their office.

Additionally, by utilizing video communications for your meetings, updates and discussions, you can keep your entire complement of staff updated and on track with even the smallest changes by broadcasting the updates to every necessary employee. And to top it all off, you can even choose to record these collaborations and updates, which you can then send to all of your employees to watch or review in their own time. This not only saves each employee the time and effort of physically moving to meet, but also helps them work at optimal efficiency as they will be able to work at a pace that is ideal for their unique situations.

Convenient Collaboration and Quick Media Sharing Capabilities

Although the fax has always been a very convenient way to deliver documents over both small and great distances, it’s impossible to ignore how limited the old system was. Fortunately, modern technologies like video communications offer a whole new world of convenience, as you can now share any types of files within seconds – without having to connect to the internet. This means that your employees don’t have to physically deliver digital assets any more, and because the system is internal, your classified documents and trade secrets are safe and secure – with no risk of being stolen via hacking or email interception. As such, not only does this type of service and software help you move files and collaborate easily and more effectively, it also adds an extra layer of security to stop your confidential trade secrets falling into the hands of competitors.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, as Fast Company certainly agrees, you should understand that every second saved in the office can help boost the profits that little bit higher. So start racking up those saved seconds now and by the end of the year you may end up with multiple weeks’ worth of time and money savings.

Encouraging a Close-Knit Family of Employees

A factor that few managers or directors ever think about is how the personal relationships within the office can affect efficiency, productivity and resulting profits. However, this can actually be very important, which is why you should utilize every opportunity to encourage the growth and development of personal healthy relationships within your office. One such way, which was featured in an insightful article by Business Matters Magazine, is by utilizing inter-office social media platforms, which are not only excellent for collaborative work, but can also be used to share positive thoughts and encourage close-knit bonds. This will benefit you in two ways. First, your employees will be more eager to communicate with each other, and won’t be reluctant to share ideas or thoughts. Secondly, your employees will be happier working with people they like, and will thus be more eager to strive for excellence – since they will have more vested interests in the company as a whole.

These three reasons, as well as many more, are why you, as a business owner or entrepreneur, should take advantage of these new technologies, such as video broadcasting and interactive entertainment. Not only can they help you boost the productivity, efficiency and profits of your business, they can also add a whole new level of convenience to your typical business operations.

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