Tips and Tricks: Writing a Web Design Proposal

Written by Kevin Liew on 22 Jun 2016
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If web design is your forte - you must know how to approach clients. And for that, you need a winning web design proposal. Today, we are sharing some tips and tricks from the masters of web design proposals - in order to help you wrap up your digital capabilities in the best possible light.

Research Is A Key

One of the most important things you can demonstrate in your proposal is that you know and understand the needs and wants of the client. Therefore, researching the potential company and thoroughly reviewing their strengths, weaknesses and opportunities is vital.

Being Specific About What You Can Do

You should always be concise - and precise - when talking about your capabilities. A great way for this is to refer back to the client needs we mentioned above - and state your experience for each one of them. Do they need a responsive website for mobile clients? Show them your work and how it can help them.

Providing Examples And References

In order to make an offer they can't refuse, you must be precise about what you can do - and how you can do it. And let's face it - there is no better way for this than when showing your own work. Make sure to make an estimate for that as well and offer a price that includes everything.

Polishing Up

Proofreading your proposal, bolding the things that are important and making sure it's well structured are all signs of utmost professionalism. Or in other words, something your client must see from you.

Being Accessible

In the end, you must make sure that there are various methods for communication provided in the proposal. Invite questions and provide your contact information - outlining the next steps.

We hope these tips and tricks will help you save time and make the most of your web design proposal.

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