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Written by Kevin Liew on 07 Jun 2016
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We’ve created a showcase of 15 web tools and services that will greatly increase the quality and speed of your work. Using any of these tools you will make your work easier to do and you’ll be able to take on more complicated projects that you’ve had to let go in the past. These are the best solutions on the market. You should try them!

Browserling is an amazing cross-browser testing service that will make you a true web professional. As you know every web browser is a little bit different. Everything is always off by a few pixels in different browsers and needs tuning. This is what Browserling is good for - with just a few clicks and in just a few seconds you can start testing websites in different browsers on different operating systems and find and fine tune your web design details so it looks great everywhere. From the old buggy IE6 to the modern Chrome and Firefox. You can switch between different Windows operating systems and the recently added Android (from KitKat to even Marshmallow, and Android N). Mac OSX, iOS and Linux browsers are coming soon, so it will be a complete suite.

With Browserling you can make sure your clients’ websites will work correctly in all the browsers in all these browser/platform combos. It will be much faster and cheaper than with other software tools.

Browserling’s features include a bug hunter, which lets you quickly pinpoint design issues and send bug reports with just one click (very useful), local testing with SSH tunnels, screenshots and bookmarklets for bookmarking browsers so you can access them with one click.

Furthermore, with Browserling’s own browser extensions you can test your websites even faster with a single click on extension’s icon in your browser’s toolbar. Finally, in the near future, you’ll even be able to record videos of browsers and share your testing session with your team members! How cool is that?!

With this bunk of features and more than 15,000 users, including NHS, UK’s National Health Service, Blekko/IBM and Coderwall, Browserling is definitely a tool for professionals so try it out!

With Lucky Orange, you can see everything your visitors did before they left your site. Why is that so important? Well, it will give you a big help in seeing how people interact with your content, what do they enjoy or what gets them confused, as well as which process makes them abandon your website. Given that, you will have the power to transform more and more visitors into real customers, and everything is possible thanks to the tons of amazing features provided by Lucky Orange.

These features include a wonderful realtime dashboard, that shows you realtime problems your visitors are facing while browsing on your site, giving you the chance to co-browse with them and catch up to what they are doing in real-time. Moreover, it will automatically create recordings of every visitor to your website, filtering and segmenting them so you can see exactly why visitors are not converting. Another great option that will help the relationship between you and your clients is the chat system, which lets you talk to your customers through the checkout process. For only $10/month, you should definitely try it!

Invoicely is the platform that allows you to create good-looking, advanced invoices and manage them, get paid for them and do everything else that has to do with invoices – all in one place! It is the perfect solution for anyone who sends invoices to clients, as it reduces a lot of the time spent on paper invoices and on financial reports.

It comes with a lot of useful features, such as the possibility to accept instant online invoice payments from anywhere, any customer and in any currency around the world, thanks to real-time currency conversion. Also, you are able to create beautiful and elegant invoices in a matter of seconds and easily deliver them to your clients. The best part? You can send unlimited invoices for free, at any account level. In addition to that, you can receive payments using a variety of payment methods, from credit card payments, to checkout via PayPal, right up to bank transfer. And if you have a need for recurring invoices, Invoicely makes it very easy for you to set that up. Therefore, say “bye” to paper invoices and “hi” to Invoicely!

InvoiceOcean, an easy way of billing online that offers a lot advantages especially for business owners. Why makes this app different from others apps specialized in this area? Because of its universal and adaptable capabilities. The application lets you use bilingual invoices from a wide range of available languages and converts prices to all world currencies. Along with flexibility, other words that would describe InvoiceOcean would be safe and cheap. Prices are usually affordable for any small or big freelancer, not forgetting to mention that one of this app priority is to maintain the safety of your business. Start using InvoiceOcean and see how you save precious time.


Sketch to HTML by

Do you need more innovation to your designs? You should definitely let Xfive help you in this way. This program brings you the latest tools available like XH Generator or CSS preprocessors or Grunt tasks. Xfive provides a friendly and flexible environment where you can propose your own ideas and solution to help the team adapt to your specific development. Xfive team will transform your ideas into reality!

A near-perfect balance of ease-of-use and efficiency" is a statement from about uKit. But what is uKit exactly? It's a drag-and-drop website builder, mainly focusing on small businesses as its target audience. It's easy to use even for a non-techie; at the same time, it offers more advanced options like SEO and analytics tools. Responsive templates and customizable widgets, along with highly competitive pricing, are the key features of the project.

Mobirise is an easy-to-use website builder meant for those users, who consider having a high quality website a key to their success. The drag-and-drop site builder provides a variety of features, which do not only contribute to the awesome look and functionality of the site you are going to design, but also boost its rating in the search engines.


The features that make the software the best solution both for the non-techies and experienced web-designers include the availability of trendy website blocks, a chance to host the site anywhere you wish, an image slider that helps present your content in the most favorable way,  versatile Google fonts and so much more.  Using Mobirise, you will be able to design websites that will help you reach your business or personal objectives in the shortest time possible.

If you want to get the best tech deals,, then DealFuel is the best choice for you! It is a one-stop shop for premium and free web professional goodies.. If you need any resources at the nth hour, you are sure to find something that meets your requirement. Check it out yourself! :)

The folks from PhotoWhoa went across the globe and have connected with well known photographers to get you premium photography education. This awesome platform gathers many useful products that helps photographers and hobbyists improve their photography skills and take it to the next level. Have a look now and thank us later.

CyberChimps makes it easy customize a website or blog for your small business, as you get a lot of free and premium WordPress themes at CyberChimps. They are fully customizable, thanks to the drag and drop interface. These themes are beautifully designed for phones, tablets, and PCs. There are millions of websites using their themes across the Internet. You can be the next one to have a 100% Responsive and SEO-optimized website.

Logo123 guarantees you can get a professional logo in only 60 minutes, eliminating days and days of waiting. You place an offer for only 5 bucks, you go get a meal and then you can choose the favourite of the concepts and pay only $49 for it. So simple, fast and affordable even a small business might get an innovative logo with them. Go now and check them out!

If you are looking to get your next brand's logo, you should have a design contest at Check their portfolio out, with more than 35 000 pieces and you will be pleased by their efficiency. You start a contest of minimum $99 with only a $29 fee upfront, so you won't lose the money anyway. Go right now and take a look!

COLORLIB team has created 5 free WordPress themes which can be used for almost any purpose you can conjure up. These themes are fully responsive and retina ready. They also have extensive theme options so you can customize the background, the menus, the colors and the font on your website and add a full-screen slider on the homepage. Start using it and it will save you a lot of time, making everything simple and funny.

When adopting a decision to create a website, you should initially think about the ways of doing that. With MotoCMS, you will not face any problems, even if you lack experience and skills in the web design niche. The WYSIWYG website developer offers an extensive collection of professionally designed templates you can browse through to select the best option for successful website creation. It does not really matter, whether you are going to create a personal blog, a business website, an eCommerce or any other type of website. By using MotoCMS, you can cope with the task in a hassle-free and quick way.

Are you are looking for a way to connect with your users? Then take a peek at Typeform, a beautiful, easy-to-use form builder. Typeform is an elegant solution for interacting with customers, employees, and teams. It’s great for things like market research surveys and 360 degree feedback. It’s easily integrated with your favorite apps with no programming skills needed, so your workflows stay smooth and efficient. There’s even a LITE mobile app that helps you get quick answers on the go. This is one productivity tool you don’t want to miss.

These tools can represent the solution for your business and needs. Every single one has great features and it’s really easy to use.

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