- A Fast and Simple Internet Speed Test By Netflix

Written by Kevin Liew on 22 May 2016
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We have mentioned about Ooka HTML5 Speedtest 2 months ago. It's the most popular Internet connection speed tester available online. Out of expectation, Neflix has released its own speed tester with minimal user interface. is a simple Internet connection speed test tool created by Netflix. It estimates the real time download speed of your connection by performing a series of downloads from globally distributed Netflix servers. This website will work on both mobile and desktp browsers too. Unlike Ookla speed test which provide some more info such as Ping speed, IP Address, ISP and Upload speed, is designed to be fast and simple, it's not a network engineer's analysis and diagnostic suite. Regarding the accuracy, I found there's quite a gap between the result of Ookla and Click on the link below to test it for yourself:


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