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Written by Kevin Liew on 28 Oct 2013
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Opinion polls are one of the best ways of getting to know what people think about a subject. Businesses are employing this as a tool to find out what their customers feel about their products and services and what they want.

Online voting is one of the best ways to find out ground realities about your business rather than random guessing. Such interactions have become crucial to creating a strong bond with the customers and gaining competitive edge in the business. Opinion Stage is a professional web application that simplifies the process of creating such polls and running them.

As a part of our endeavor to serve our clients better and introduce them to the new technologies of web development and promotion we are partnering with Opinion Stage, an online poll & social voting solution. To celebrate our association we will be giving out (3) three month free accounts on this awesome web application. All our users are welcome to participate in the simple contest. You can check out the rules of participation at the bottom of this post.


Why Opinion Stage?

  • Social Voting – It allows you to create an online poll and use the social network identities of the users. This allows you to establish the authenticity of the participant. You can also study more about the participant such as gender, age, occupation, interests etc. You can also create open polls where the user can share an opinion with the revealing their identity. |
  • Creates Brand Awareness – Most social media users like sharing their activities on the social media. Thus a user participates in your poll is likely to share your poll within his/her network creating awareness about your brand. This viral promotion can help in creating a strong brand identity.
  • Engage With Customers/Users – In today’s competitive business environment it is very important for you to engage with your customers. You may be running an ecommerce store or a corporate website but it becomes important to know what the customers want from you. This added knowledge allows you to stay ahead of the customers.
  • Monetize – This is one of its kind feature that is available with this incredible web application. Being such a popular allows integrating ads into the polls. This helps the ads generate revenue alongside gathering opinion of the customers.
  • Full Service Tool – It is s full service online polling solution and includes all the features expected from an enterprise grade solution and many built-in customization options. These will meet all the polling requirements of your business.
  • Filter Results – Gathering opinion isn’t enough and you need to filter them. Here you have the option of filtering results by various demographic and social attributes such as gender, location, social network belonging, and more. This helps you analyze and study the market from various angles. You can also customize how the results appear to the users based on your needs.
  • Full Mobile Support - Opinion Stage uses responsive design techniques. This ensures that it fully supports all platforms and screen sizes. Thus a user can view and access polls from desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

How to Win Giveaways?

Please follow the simple steps below to get the chance to win.

This giveaway ends on 8th November 2013. Please use a valid email address when filling out the comment form. Please comment only once.

The winners will be selected randomly and announced here in a couple of days after the giveaway is over.

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