Freebies: Modern Touch - Flat UI Kit from PixelKit

Written by Kevin Liew on 17 Aug 2013
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UI kit is a great tool for quick prototyping. It's proven to be a great time-saver as well. High quality UI elements can be moved around and reused easily, and if you converted it into HTML & CSS layout, you will able to use it online across different projects.

This time we have PixelKit giving away its premium UI kit called Modern Touch. In case you don't know, PixelKit is a great place to obtain premium UI kits and design resources. With its affordable annual subscription, you will get thousand of GUI elements plus new GUI kits every month!

Modern Touch – Flat UI Kit from PixelKit

For those flat, modern, metro sites, Modern Touch UI Kit developed by PixelKit offers beauty, elegance and tremendous functionality. This kit is designed to offer a modern look and a flat feel that is excellent for websites or apps that want to be efficient and current looking.

All of your work will have a clean and uniform look when you are using PixelKit. Best of all, you will get everything you need all in one space. You will not have to hunt all over the Internet any longer to find what you need. Just take a look at what PixelKit premium graphics and you will be convinced of that.

PixelKit Modern Touch

Click Here to Download Modern Touch Flat UI Kit

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