26 Things to Note Before You Develop a Website

Written by Kevin Liew on 10 Apr 2013
28,233 Views • Web Development

Developing a brand new website is always exciting and there are many things to consider, from the most simple question - What's the purposes, objectives? Once you sure you want to go ahead, you will need to scratch your head for a good domain name and web hosting. Then, you'll have to decide the platform you want to use, choose the best technologies...

Indeed, making a website is a big project, a big decision making process. A well-researched planning certainly can make life easier. Here we have an informative infographic created by Pixaal. With the trendy minimal flat design and colourful grid layout, Pixaal listed out 26 things to note before you develop a website.

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Luís Fernando Guedes 11 years ago
Nice! Basic steps for website development.
James George 11 years ago
This is an awesome infographic. It is true and hits all of the key points of website design. Excellent job!
orange county web designer 11 years ago
All these points are really important. An all-in-one resource for designers. Thanks for sharing.
Evy Hanson 11 years ago
Great infographic! I do think however pop-ups have their use if you can provide something of value. Yes, they are annoying but they are incredibly effective. The designer in me says NO to pop-ups but the marketer in me occasionally says YES. ;)
Emma Jones 11 years ago
great explanation of development, making things easy to consider each and every point in development of a site. appreciate your efforts in making this info-graphics. Idea, logo design, [URL=http://www.vanitechnologies.co.uk/]web design[URL], purpose a site, development and advertisement. one must follow these steps.
Zell Liew 11 years ago
Great find Kevin!

All of these are extremely important pieces of the puzzle in website design.