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Written by Kevin Liew on 26 Mar 2013
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After a lengthy development process, Queness has finally get its new look! It took me a few months to finally nailed it because it's more than a redesign, it's actually a re-development of the whole blog platform and CMS. Hybrid layout, Better readability, And... it's responsive!

Development Process

This project took longer than what I've expected. Firstly, due to my personal commitments I couldn't spare more times for Queness. Secondly, I'm the only one in my development team, so I have to take care of everything from planning, research to design, development, testing and deployment. Thirdly, Queness' platform is custom built. In order to make it a better website and easier to manage, I have to rebuild Queness blog engine and also a better Content Management System to manage this blog. Lastly, Queness is now responsive. Responsive website increases development and testing time, I have spent a lot of times just to make sure it displays page properly in different devices.

Overall, it was a great experience, I always enjoy building website from the ground up. It gives me a full control and customization to implement whatever features I need. And my credit to the powerful frontend framework - Twitter Bootstrap. I use it as the main UI for Queness' CMS, and it saved me 70% of backend development time!

The New Design

The most noticeable changes would be the homepage. Previously, we used traditional blog roll layout. This time, I have decided to go for the hybrid - Magazine + Blog Roll layout. This layout idea was inspired by Web Designer Depot and Codrops. We want to bring out some of our good posts that were buried, and some new widgets to make Queness resourceful and content-rich website.


Readability is one of the main objectives in this redesign. I spent times researching in the area of typography and choose relevant fonts to use. I choose PT Sans as the body font, Roboto Condensed for heading and Arvo font is used in some minor section. Content is the most crucial thing, therefore, I want to make sure our articles and tutorials are well formatted.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is something I wanted to have in Queness. I spent a lot of times just to getting the width and layout right in different standard screen dimensions. Due to responsive, it also increased the development time, but it totally worth it, I'm quite happy with the outcome. I aware that there are still some tweaks need to be done, those CSS updates will come soon.

Finally, Thank You!

Queness has served 16 Million visitors since 2009, Thanks for your support! We will try our very best to produce high quality exclusive web design and development articles and tutorials. We will produce more practical and useful tutorials focusing in front-end development. Last but not least, a huge thanks to all the advertisers who chose Queness to promote their services and products.

Feel free to browse around, more content to come and if you spotted a bug, please let us know. You also can follow us on twitter, like us on facebook for latest update. Thanks! :)

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Pritesh Desai 11 years ago
The new redesign looks good. I liked the new body font!
Kevin Liew Admin 11 years ago
Thanks Pritesh!
Jason 11 years ago
Congrats =)
Looks great!
Mick G 11 years ago
I was wondering about the halt on your articles. I'm a long time reader and I dig the new you! Rock on man!
Eric 11 years ago
Nicely done! Was pleased to see the nice re-design when I came to the site today!
Kevin Liew Admin 11 years ago
Thanks Eric! :)
Luis 11 years ago
Hi Kevin,

Congrats on new design. It looks great.

I saw new design because I came here today to submit news. Btw, I think you have a bug there: it always says "URL has already been submitted"
Ankur 11 years ago
Great work. I love the design. The font combination is good. The layout is brilliant.
I do feel that font size on home page should be a bit bigger.
Luis 11 years ago
Another bug found: When we click on comments in homepage nothing happens. We should be redirected to comments on post.