PxLoader - A Javascript Resource Preloader for HTML Website

Written by Kevin Liew on 31 Jan 2012
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Preloader has been a must for most flash website. It's due to the size of flash file and usually involve multimedia files such as audio, video and images. The main purpose of preloader is to report and indicate the progress of a website being loaded into the browser. Making a preloader for HTML website has always been a challenge, and now we introduce you - PxLoader.

PxLoader is a javascript library that helps you to downloads images, sound files etc before you proceed further on your website. If you website is visual-based and involve a lot of images, you can use PxLoader to load all the required resources and display the website correctly in one go. The good thing about PxLoader is, it also allow you to report the loading progress so your audience would roughly know how long they need to wait.

Just in case you don't know, PxLoader is used in HTML5 version of Cut the rope - a popular iOS game on your web browser.


  • Monitor download status by providing progress and completed events.
  • Prioritize the order of resources being loaded
  • Support images, sounds for now
  • Support HTML5
  • Callback events



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