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Skeuomorphism: Perfect if You Aren't Digging the Flat Design Trend

Web Design
25 Jul 2013
It seems like "flat design" is popping up everywhere and dominating the topic of web design conversation these days. Designers seem to love it or...

Flat Design is In: Should You Get in on the Trend?

Web Design
03 Apr 2013
It’s all we’ve heard about for weeks now – flat design. It went mainstream in a major way thanks to Microsoft and the new Windows...

Which is Better: Dedicated or Responsive Mobile Design?

Mobile Development
13 Mar 2013
So you are thinking about building a new website (or revising an old one). Have you considered mobile? It should be at the top of...

Getting Started with Responsive Typography

11 Feb 2013
Responsive design is the "in" thing when it comes to website design. Responsiveness allows for one design scheme to work on websites, tablets and mobile...

Web Design Trend: Single-Page Websites that Work

Web Design
16 Jan 2013
Single-page websites are often designed around super-striking visuals and have a cool, modern feel. More recently, sites are expanding that single page trend from a...

Web Design Trend: Color Blocking

Web Design
12 Dec 2012
Color blocking could be called the bricks and mortar trend of web design. Using square (or rectangular or even curved) colored boxes as a design...

Understanding Type Families - Everything You Need to Know

11 Nov 2012
Bold, italic, condensed, black, Roman? What does it all mean? Getting started with typography can be a little confusing. But understanding the different styles within...