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Hilarious Guide to Software and Web Developer Job Adverts

04 Mar 2016
I found a hilarious and honest guide chart for software developer job advertisement. I'm not a software developer, but I can see this chart can...

9 Funny Web Flowcharts For A Laugh

05 Jun 2012
Okay, I like flowchart, I reckon it's the best thing I learned in college. I use it a lot when developing complicated backend that has...

Creative and Funny Illustration of Famous Logos

21 May 2012
A creative idea to illustration a few famous companies and what they really is. This illustration brought to you by Viktor Hertz, a freelance design...

13 Funny and Useful Lorem Ipsum Generators

Web Development
27 Sep 2011
For most designers and developers, Lorem Ipsum isn't a stranger to all of us. Well, I know how to write the first sentence without generator!...