Minimal Inspiration: Illustrations for Nerds in Love

Written by Kevin Liew on 16 Nov 2011
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I discovered this lovely illustration set for nerds in love from Nicole Martinez. Nicole translates love languages into something nerdy or geeky people would appreciate or understand it. It reminds me of the famous US comedy series "The Big Bang Theory" which centred on five characters who is geniuses, geeky and nerdy (except Penny). As a computer geek and not really a nerdy person, I actually understood most of them! Geez..., what a surprise. Some of them are really funny, I like them.

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  • Minimal Design - I surfur when you argon
  • Minimal Design - I Lichen you a lot
  • Minimal Design - You turn me on
  • Minimal Design - You are as sweet as pie
  • Minimal Design - We've got chemistry
  • Minimal Design - You magnetize my poles
  • Minimal Design - You charge my particles
  • Minimal Design - You fog my spectacles
  • Minimal Design - You melt my solid inner core
  • Minimal Design - My beaker bubbles for you
  • Minimal Design - I think I lava you
  • Minimal Design - Aorta tell you how much I love you
  • Minimal Design - You mean the world to me
  • Minimal Design - You are pixel perfect
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Dalton Bateman 12 years ago
These are so frakkin adorable.
Jake 12 years ago
Seriously, is there anywhere I can buy these? :o
Kevin Liew Admin 12 years ago
Rahil 12 years ago