Giveaway 5 Joomla! Mega Deal Worth $1432 Each

Written by Kevin Liew on 12 Sep 2011
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In this giveaway, 5 lucky readers will get access to the Joomla! Mega deal organized by AppSumo and ApeForest, valued at $1432 each!

Who are AppSumo and ApeForest?

AppSumo and ApeForest

AppSumo is the biggest daily deals provider for web geeks. They provide huge exclusive discounts on products for web designers and developers every single day! AppSumo is renowned for the quality of their deals and unbeatable discounts on products.

ApeForest is a full service advertising/marketing agency. They are currently the biggest agency serving vendors in the web design/development niche and helps projects with their advertising and marketing campaigns.

What do the winners get?

The winners get access to the following products as a part of the Joomla! Bundle:

More details on the deal can be found here: Joomla-special


We have 5 lucky winners for this giveaway from AppSumo and Apeforest! These winners are chosen randomly via SQL command and verified to have meet this competition requirements. Winners are contacted via email. Congratulation and enjoy your Joomla! Mega Deal! :)

  • Dan - @marcopolo_seo
  • Tina - @web_tina
  • chedis - @chedis
  • Stfan - @k1922h
  • Vani - @VaniTechie

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Jim Sanders 10 years ago
It'd be sweet to get the Joomla hookup...!
Ankur 10 years ago
I just love queness giveaways. This would be great share for Joomla owners. hope something such big comes up for wordpress owners too :D
Dont consider me for this giveaway . Good luck to others

sharing this in twitter to support you :!/ankurandu/status/113609545984651264
Stfan 10 years ago
Alex 10 years ago
Thanks for this really great giveaway and for the chance to win! Thanks & Regards.!/Alex77toy
phastafrican 10 years ago
Valdelis 10 years ago
Awesomw giveaway 5 Joomla! Mega Deals Worth $1432 @quenesswebblog
Deepak 10 years ago
Dan 10 years ago
Ashmita Patel 10 years ago
Melanie Grant 10 years ago