25 Pure CSS and HTML Web Development Solutions

Written by Kevin Liew on 07 Oct 2009
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clippingimages 14 years ago
Nice collection of CSS based website. Thanks for sharing this nice post. Really Informative.
Rahul - Web Guru 14 years ago
Cool collection of CSS + HTML solutions.
squareart 14 years ago
Thanks for this list, there some great new ones I haven\'t seen before. Bookmark Now!: )
John dalthon 14 years ago
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Lavelle 14 years ago
Only just discovered this blog post, but it\'s good to find all of these in one place. I cannot count the number times I have searched for javascript free solutions, only to find that they do in the end require some javascript - in particular to show and hide content. Cheers!
Tech Root 14 years ago
Nice collection of sharing CSS + HTML solutions.
desinergeek 14 years ago
This is really nice composition. wen it comes to pure css i seriously love it. This one is also gud .

Thanks for sharing..
Bulk SMS 14 years ago
Thanks for sharing, it is very helpful to me, i am now confident of doing a lot of things using css.
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