An Interview with Peace&Love, Photographer from Flickr

Written by Kevin Liew on 06 Feb 2011
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I have stumbled upon her flickr profile for quite a long time now. The photos she took are captivating, so I decided to give her an interview and in the same time share hers photo to all of you. This is the first interview from Queness. If you are a starter of photography, I hope you will able to get something out of this interview.

Our subject is a photographer from flickr under an alias called {Peace&Love}. She has numerous of photos got explored in flickr and plenty of comments from others towards hers photos.

Kevin: Hi Lara, can you give us a brief introduction of yourself?
Lara: Well to begin with the basics my name is Lara. I live in a town in the middle of nowhere, the middle of nowhere, America. I have never moved my whole life but when I get the chance I am going to move to England or France, I have never felt I belong in America. I love going to the city and people watching.

Photography was one thing in life I never thought I would do, but the signs where always there . I remember every year someone or somehow I would get a camera for Christmas. Yet, I was never interested in photography. Once, when I was in middle school, my friend asked me if I wanted to join photography club in school and I just couldn't wrap my head around how that would be fun. But one day, for some strange reason I picked up my dads camera and brought it to my friends farm. I was just casually showing it off when I realized the pictures I took weren't half bad. The rest is history.I want to go to school for photography, specifically fashion photography. Even before I could read I was looking at fashion magazines.
Kevin: Do you have a favourite photographer or an artist who inspires you?
Lara: It's hard to pick just one, I like little things from every photographer. If I had to pick just one it would be Anna Wolf. Her photos are so carefree and spontaneous but also well composed.
Kevin: How do you learn all the technical aspects of photography?
Lara: The technical aspects just came naturally. I would play around with my camera and wonder what happens if I clicked a button or changed a setting. The only thing I have had training in is dark room which I learned from a summer camp, which even there I would be making up my own way of doing things.
Kevin: How do you find locations for your photos? is there a certain time of day you know will make better pictures?
Lara: I take mental notes of places all the time. I'm lucky enough to live in a place with lots of variety. Even my backyard is home to long grass fields and lakes. I like taking photos an hour before sunset, everything sparkles.
Kevin: You like to create something and take a photo of it, where do you get those unique inspiration from?
Lara: Daily life experiences, especially my conceptual photos. I like to express how I'm feeling at the time or how someone I know is feeling. I like to think of photography as a time portal, I can look at a photo and know exactly what i was feeling at the time.
Kevin: The color of your photos look retro and captivating. Do you do a lot of post-processing work on them?
Lara: Actually, I am probably the laziest person when it comes to editing. I'll just quickly apply a curve layer or a color fill. I don't like to change much besides the colors, I like my photos to look believable.
Kevin: What photo gears do you currently use? And your favorite lens is?
Lara: Currently I have a canon xti and various cheap plastic film cameras. My favorite lens is the canon 50mm f/1.4. I don't remember the last time I took it off my camera.
Kevin: Any tips for people getting started in photography?
Lara: Take one object and try to make it look the best you can. When I first started photography I would choose a little figurine or something similar and think "a great photographer could make anyone want this". Also bring a camera everywhere. Some of my favorite photos have been taken while in a car.
Kevin: Thanks for your precious time Lara, I wish you all the best with your photography career. The following is some of her beautiful photos, if you want to view more of hers photo, you can view {peace&love} flickr profile.
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Jason Admin 13 years ago
this interview thing is an awesome idea! great photos, love it =)