30 Beautiful and Detailed Web Layout Tutorials

Written by Kevin Liew on 26 Jan 2011
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Designing web layouts is a very profitable job nowadays with so many marketplaces available. If you create wordpress themes, or simple web layouts you should learn how to design websites in a proper way using Photoshop. Bellow you will find one of the best 30 web layout tutorials for: hosting layouts, Wordpress layouts, business layouts.

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sarees 13 years ago
Great post.. all the designs are awesome..

evertt de sousa 13 years ago
very nice post!
radu 13 years ago
Awesome layouts. i like the second tutorial. indeed a nice and unique way to convert PSD to HTML.
John McDuffie 13 years ago
really good article and these tutorials are inspiring - thank to you I won't get ay sleep tonight because I have to 1up them ... :~|
vinit pratap singh 13 years ago
Thanks for sharing this article. This was very informative. ... very nice things. Will follow for sure.
Dereck Bester 13 years ago
Very nice layout tutorials... Thanks for sharing.
Brett Widmann 12 years ago
These are nice tutorials and I like the finished product that most of them display!
Lechus 10 years ago
Thx for art. Would You like to write for next step PSD to HTML5 - best tuts?
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Argalon Technologies 7 years ago
I read this article, really good article and these tutorials are inspiring. thanks for sharing these article.