Invoicera Christmas Giveaway - Win State of the Art Online Invoicing and Billing Plan for Free

Written by Kevin Liew on 21 Dec 2010
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Get a chance to know Invoicera

Invoicera is focused in providing state of the art online invoicing and billing, project time tracking and expense tracking solution. In addition, small and medium enterprises, freelancers, service providers etc. can create and send invoices/estimate online without keeping a track of invoices/estimates manually. This prevents users to maintain the stack of invoices and facilities easy payment tracking so that payments can be easily received from clients and thereby reducing the payment collection cycle. Invoicera has won thousands hearts with its invoicing functionality ranging from effective client management to effortless time tracking. Invoicera has a complete list of invoicing features and advance functionality.

Some unique features of Invoicera

  • Multiple language and currency support- this feature helps you to create and send invoices to your clients in their respective language and currency. You can create invoices in 11 languages and also prefer the currency for your clients in which you want to invoice them.
  • Send invoice to multiple contacts- you can send invoices to more than one by adding multiple contacts as secondary contacts. For multiple businesses this feature is a boom.
  • Recurring Invoicing into Auto Billing- this is very helpful when you have to send the identical invoices to the same clients at specific intervals.
  • Send invoice as an attachment- sending invoice as an attachment or PDF gives a very positive impression about you business to the clients and also reflects the professionalism.
  • Expense tracking- this unique feature of Invoicera helps you to keep a track on all your project’s expenses so that they can be added to the invoice and allow you to get fully paid by your clients.
  • Late fees payment- Invoicera gives you the option to charge late fees from the defaulters. It is just one click away and you can add late fee charges in the invoice and get paid in either percentage terms or in a fixed amount.
  • Multiple Payments gateways- Invoicera supports numerous payment gateways and this feature helps you to make your payment quick and easy. You can let your clients pay by multiple online payment gateways such as PayPal,, Google Checkout and many others.
  • Invoice Scheduling- This features helps you to send your invoice on your set date and time across your clients. The scheduled invoice would be automatically sent to your clients on the set date and time.
  • Customize your invoice Template- Invoicera offers template customization feature that allows you to change the look and feel of your invoices as per your requirements.
  • Data back-up- In Invoicera, you can keep a back-up copy of significant data on your system. Moreover, it gives you an option to refer to the exported whenever required.

The prize for lucky winners

Queness Blog in association with Invoicera is offering 5 subscription of Invoicera classic package for six months absolutely free to the winners of the contest.

For participation

To participate in the contest is quite simple, you just need to follow these easy steps and come closer to victory.

  • Write a good comment that why you would love to win
  • You also have a chance by tweeting this: win a free state of the art online invoicing and billing plan from @invoicera @quenesswebblog

Points to remember:

  • The winners will be randomly selected at and will be informed immediately.
  • Fill your name and e-mail address correctly because the winners will be contacted via e-mail only.
  • The contest is open till 29th Dec and the winners will be announced on the same date.
  • Post your comment before the contest ends since any comment after due date will not be considered for the prize.

We have our winners!!!

    1. Anggi Krisna

    2. Ronald Curtis

    3. Antil Saine

    4. gm

    5. Eduardo

    6. Andrew

You will receive a confirmation email very soon :) Thanks for your participation and congratulation to you all :)

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Ronald Curtis 13 years ago
I would love to win this competition mainly because it would greatly benefit our student-run organisation, The Sydney Marketing Society at the University of Sydney, Australia.

As a non-profit organisation, we aim to help marketing students get jobs in the industry. Our ambition is to become the largest hub for marketing students and employers. And we would love to get a good head start with Invoicera :)
Anggi Krisna 13 years ago
it is very helpful to invoicing my clients, so far we just use email and the result is worst :(, i hope when i get invoicera all problem in invoice is solve :D
Antil Saine 13 years ago
Like Anggi, I also used Excel to invoice my clinets. but it is too tome consuming and harder to managed all invoices. I would like to use invoicera to manage my invoices. Hope I would win this contest :)
gm 13 years ago
Looks like a great solution.
Eduardo 13 years ago
I don't have an invoice program and this would definitely seems something I would want to have!
Andrew 13 years ago
I am also in :) wud like to win.
Ronald Curtis 13 years ago
Hi there, hope you've all had a great time celebrating the new year.

I was just wondering if the winners for this competition have been announced yet?

kevin Admin 13 years ago
Hi Ronald, winner will be announced soon. :)

stay tuned.
Ronald Curtis 13 years ago
Thank you Kevin and Invoicera for this amazing competition and the chance to use this great invoicing service free for 6 months :) Can't wait to start using it with our Google Apps Account.
Thanks guys!
eduardo 13 years ago
Thank you!..Cannot wait to use it!