TwitterThemePark Announces Tweet and Blog Contest

Written by Kevin Liew on 23 Jul 2010
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TwitterThemePark Announces "Tweet & Blog" Contest

Ipraxa, a full service Web agency, announced that TwitterThemePark (TTP), its specialized division dedicated for Custom Twitter Them Designs, has launched a contest to recognize Twitter followers and bloggers for TTP as part of the company's brand building program.

The contest has two parts: The first one is open to twitter users and the second one to bloggers who are interested to write about TTP in their blog sites. Only one offer can be availed at a time.

For Twitter USERS

To participate in the first part of the contest, all you have to do is to follow @TTP & @Ipraxa on Twitter. Participants will have to tweet about TTP and then post the status of their tweet as a comment below the post to confirm that they are following TTP and tweeting about it.

Winner of the contest will be announced as soon as the followers reach 500 mark. The company will announce 20 winners. The winners will be selected randomly. The first winner will get a Twitter theme absolutely free. The second, two runners up, will get 50% discount on a Twitter theme; and for the third position, two winners will get 25% discount. The remaining 15 winners will get 15% discount on a Twitter theme.

More you tweet, more chances you have of winning, so tweet, retweet and then tweet some more to win!


The second part of the contest is open to bloggers. If a blogger writes about TTP in his/her blog with an Alexa rank of less than 50,000, they will get Twitter theme absolutely free.

If anyone writes about TTP in a blog site with an Alexa rank more than 50,000 but less than 80,000, he/she will get a Twitter theme by paying only 25% of the total cost, but with a watermark design of TwitterThemePark in the theme.

If a blogger, who has a blog site with an Alexa rank of more than 80,000 but less than 150,000, writes about TTP, he/she will get Twitter theme by paying only 50% of the cost, but with a watermark design of TwitterThemePark in the theme. Additionally the blogger should also allow a link back to TTP from their blog's home page for six months or a top most banner for TTP with size not less than 125 x 125 for three months.

TwitterThemePark is a group of highly committed and enthusiastic professional designers with deep understanding of the latest design technologies. The company creates innovative Twitter themes for individual customers as well as businesses to help them express their ideas to the world in a unique way.

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Web Design 14 years ago
Brilliant contest, awesome link baiting strategy! Kudos!
K Raj 14 years ago
I look forwarded to get a free twitter theme :)
Website design 14 years ago
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