8 Extremely Beautiful Flash and Javascript Image Sliders

Written by Kevin Liew on 18 May 2010
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There are heaps of image sliders out there. Javscript plugins, tutorials, inspirational posts are everywhere! :) This time, my search is not limited to javascript only, but flash too. I have filtered out simple javascript slider that uses fadein/fadeout and sliding and choose slider with beautiful transition and some flash sliders as well.

I hope you will enjoy this list!

  • Coin Slider

    This is a javascript slider made with jQuery. I choose this because of its transition, unlike a normal slider, they always use fadein/fadeout or sliding techniques.
  • Dynamic Flash Gallery (Flash)

    This all start with a flash tutorial, it converts photos to polaroids and add a scrollbar to form a gallery. Pretty slick and most importantly it uses xml file to load images dynamically.
  • Nivo Slider

    Arr... my favourite :) It has got 9 unique transition effects and come with heaps of custom configuration as well! Another slider made with jQuery.
  • Fig Flash Gallery (Flash)

    A free, easy to install, flash image gallery for your website. View some examples or download it and see for yourself.
  • Horinaja Slider

    Horinaja is a ready-to-use slide-show implementation, utilizing either scriptaculous/prototype or jQuery. Horinaja is innovative because it allows you to use a mousewheel for navigation.
  • The PieceMaker (Flash)

    The Piecemaker, a 3D Flash image rotator gallery in the purest sense of the word. It’s Open Source, so feel free to download it, use it in any project you like, learn from it, modify it and improve it if you can.
  • Simpleviewer (Flash)

    SimpleViewer is a free, customizable Flash image gallery. It allows you to display your images on any web page in a professional, intuitive and simple way.
  • Cu3er (Flash)

    This slider has the most impressive transition! It caught attentions of everyone, simply massive, slick and wonderfully-made. This is a flash slider and it's FREE!
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avsa 11 years ago
Nice slider collection. My favorite slider is Cu3er (Flash). thanks
dood 11 years ago
great content of designer. thank a lot.
oyunlar 0 11 years ago
Thank you.
ciera 11 years ago
Good Post! There are heaps of image sliders out there. This time, my search is not limited to JavaScript only, but flash too.
ucuz hoteller 11 years ago
Who does like flash it can be use Cu3er. It's amazing slider.
tech wench 10 years ago
Good resource for a designer Thanks for posting
Jens Ahrengot Boddum 10 years ago
Nice collection. The Nivo slider is my favorite so far.

If you're interested, i created an image slider a while back and released it for free to the community. It's very minimalistic with a 3D flip as the transition between images. All settings are tweakable via XML and since it's built on Papervision and not the native 3D engine in Flash it even has Flash Player 9 support.

Anyway, you can read more and check out a demo of my free image slider here: http://ahrengot.com/likes/free-flash-based-3d-image-slider/
Lee 10 years ago
Just been playing with Cu3er, I wouldn't say the interface is intuitive, but once to have played around with it you can make a very nice slider, not only that but its fun to use. A tip is to look at the bottom left of the interface, it gives you tips ;-). I was curious about making a nice image slider for a friends website. Cu3er lite is free and you can only make one project "per cu3er lite account."

To make any more than one you need to pay: https://getcu3er.com/pricing but... I think if you want to produce several slick sliders fast cu3er is worth every penny.

Going to look at Nivo slider now keep up the good work Kevin and I'll be spreading the love <3
rob 10 years ago
Hi guys, I really like some of these sliders. I've tried to install them on my site but in the most of cases I failed :(. I ended up using these one:<a href="http://www.flashxml.net/3d-banner.html">http://www.flashxml.net/3d-banner.html</a>, that has some nice 3d transitions and can be customized as you wish. I will wait for your opinions and for other suggestion as well.
Gabriel Dubois 10 years ago
Hei Rob,
Thanks for the tip. Really useful tip with the 3D Banner from FlashXML. It was really easy to add to my site and it has a lot of transitions, too. Plus, I could add my youtube videos directly in my site via the banner.
Really cool!!!
Justin 10 years ago
You can also mention FlashSlide also a good free slider available at: http://flashslide.net .
vinotha 10 years ago
Hi guys you can also try with nephzat image slider introduced a week before , it is pretty good and free ,can be downloaded from http://nephzat.com
Axel Richer 10 years ago
Nice image slider. Do you have something that looks like the ones from www.flashxml.net
milo 9 years ago
Another one, and it's a pure javascript one:
asif 9 years ago
How can I download these sliders code/file ???? plz email me at asif_14443@yahoo.com