12 Amazing and Creative Javascript Games

Written by Kevin Liew on 16 Mar 2010
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Javascript has evolved so much that it has a great influences to the web development. I stumbled upon a website called chrome experiements. It hs a lot of great javascript experiements that are meant for Chrome because Chrome has a great javascript render engine. However, most of the examples are also work in firefox.

So, the following is the list of games that could have been implemented with flash, however, they weren't. Some of the examples such as Browser Pong, Twitch and puzzle are really worthwhile to check it out because they are really amazing. Enjoy. :)

  • Browser Pong

    Browser Pong is a traditional Pong game played not in a browser window, but *with* browser windows. I think this one is pretty cool. Have you ever think of player ping pong game using your web browser windows? You have to check this out.
  • Twitch

    TWITCH is a series of minimal games within small Chrome windows. How fast can you solve them all? Each game only responds to clicking; mouse position and keyboard are ignored. This is the first game that caught my attention. It uses new window for different levels. Seriously, I have no ideas how it works. Great stuff!
  • Browser Ball

    Open new windows. Throw a beach ball through them. If I tell you it's less lame than it sounds, will you give it a shot? I saw this last year and it amazes me. A beach ball that roll over different browser windows and the gravity simulation are great.
  • Crystal Galazy

    Crystal Galaxy is an experimental 2D space shooter game demo, developed using a pure JavaScript / DHTML game engine.
  • Video & Picture Puzzle

    A small experiment in generating puzzles using multiple browser windows and images or Flash-driven video. It confuses me at first, so basically, your puzzles are made of browser windows again. I won't spoil it though, you have to try it yourself.
  • Apophis 2029

    Apophis 2029 is a Missile Command - meets - Space Invaders sort of game. Your job is to shoot meteorites out of the sky before they destroy you. I think the animation for this game is great. It works better with chrome though.
  • Bing-Bong

    Arkanoid/Breakout type game. I'm sure you've played this kind of game before, but this come with extra, you have a power meter to determine how hard you'll hit the ball.
  • Bomberman

    A classic bomberman game built with javascript. I like bomberman, I still remember the one I played it comes with multiplayers and produced by hudson. Of course, we can't compare the PC game with this web based bomberman but it's still cool except the background music and sound effects are a bit annoying.
  • Bunny Hunt
  • Real world racer

    A Google Maps Racing Game - to maximum enjoyment, make "bvvv, bvvvvv" noises as you accelerate and "EEEEE" noises as you turn. A game that uses google map. You get to choose the race track. I never finished a race, I tried shortcut by driving the car directly to the finish line. ha, it didn't work! Computers won, Nil for me.
  • JS Wars

    JS WARS is a classic shoot em up written to demonstrate the power of modern web browsers.
  • Berts Breakdown

    Berts Breakdown is an attempt to make a platform game using the new HTML5 canvas element. The graphic is really nicely done and it kinda smooth as well. It just like a game made with flash. By the way, it works better with Googl Chrome.
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Web Design Kent 14 years ago
Great game considering its all javascript and HTML 5, right? Don't listen to those who overly criticise, most have never made a thing in their life. Much less with such new technology. More levels and some sound would be great upgrades. Works fine in Chrome on Vista. Using HSI cable the load time wasn't bad either.
Jordan Walker 14 years ago
Those look like fun.
JavaScriptBank.com 14 years ago
very cool & good js games, thank you very much for sharing.

Can I <a href="http://www.javascriptbank.com/submit/">share this post</a> on my JavaScript library?

Awaiting your response. Thank
web design company 14 years ago
I have never seen such games created with java script. Looks interesting game. I'll play this game whenever I get the time to play.
nobodyReallyNobody 13 years ago
Bing bong collision detection system sux :)
bozoou 13 years ago
Check this javascritp game:

its about multiplayer snake, I grant you great fun in multiplayer mode.....there is laser shooting, and much more!
mufatko 13 years ago
Magnus Ferm 12 years ago
I'd like to promote another javascript (jQuery) game; Flooder 2:

It's a puzzle game made entirely in jquery, works in all major browsers, including Opera :)
Slugger Grizzly 11 years ago
I was wondering if I could post my work here, Its written in javascript and the game is metal slug but different concept. Hoping soon I can post it here. lol i'm excited
Joe 11 years ago
You are forgetting Queville - massively multiplayer javascript rpg game! http://queville.com