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Written by Kevin Liew on 18 Oct 2021
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Currently, we face the coronavirus outbreak, which makes us feel isolated from the rest of the world. But only physically. Thanks to modern technologies we keep socializing on the Internet.

The popularity of online meeting apps is growing exponentially. There is no need to look far and wide to notice that almost all large gatherings are canceled, while smaller events have to be held online. Many companies have forced their teams to work remotely.

There's no doubt that the future lies in video conferencing software. There are numerous online meeting apps, some of which offer free versions of their advanced tools to support people all over the world during hard times.

But most often such applications are able to fulfill only basic, everyday needs and tasks: host meetups, set up calls, schedule meetings with clients and coworkers. 

With the flow of time, as remote work becomes an integral part of everyday life, more professional services with advanced features are in demand.

Why waste time searching through endless offers?

Let’s have a look at the program, created based on the modern world requirements with exclusive care for customers’ needs.

Meet CallOut!

Our team of professionals is happy to introduce CallOut, which is going to change the whole view on virtual communication.

Why is it so special?

First, let’s mull over what an ideal app for virtual meetings looks like.

  1. It should be simple and user-friendly.

  2. It should be quick and provide quality service.

  3. It should contain all the necessary tools for effective communication.

  4. Ideally, it should offer a free plan to try the basic functions and decide whether it suits you or not.

  5. It should be compatible with different devices.

What’s about CallOut? Additionally to all the above-mentioned, it may boast of several advanced functions available for each user. 

Quick to start and easy to use

It requires a couple of taps to start using CallOut. The registration process is simple and doesn’t take long. What is more, you can skip it and instantly join a conversation room by entering the invitation code, shared by the meeting host.

The service can be installed on all modern devices, so if there’s no PC or laptop at hand, it’s easy to set up a conference call on your iPhone or Android.

AI and ML-based cooperation tools

The future is brought to you by the introduction of artificial intelligence. 

We've taken online meetings to a new height, making them more interactive, engaging, and fun.

Got stressed before an urgent event? Enable emotions and pulse recognition to identify what the other interlocutor feels and is up to. 

Don’t have time for make-up or doing your hair? Beautify yourself in real-time, using our smart tools, which make you look stunning.

Totally secured by the latest web protection

Stop worrying about the safety of data shared on the Internet. Our software offers an exclusive security guard for all your virtual meetups. It encrypts everything that was said or written during a conversation. That’s why no one outside of a virtual room - including the CallOut team - can get access to it.

Engaging tools for team building

Make your team united, playing exciting online mini-games, such as Mafia, Trivia, and many others. Try a bunch of icebreakers to make everyone feel engaged, less stressed, and more amused. So "No" to boring presentations with our funny filters, emojis, and masks.

Cutting-edge quality of each video and audio call

Enhance virtual conference experience by turning on the camera. You will be wowed how smooth and stable the connection is, allowing you to see everyone as if talking in real life. 

Moreover, you can use virtual backgrounds and filters to create the best-ever online atmosphere.

Additional useful functions:

  • Screen sharing

  • Pre-built integrations

  • Photorealistic avatars

And more...

Sounds intriguing?

Find the CallOut download link on our website and start chatting immediately. With us, you won’t miss a call again!

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