How to make your website more dynamic and interactive

Written by Bogdan Sandu on 04 Mar 2021
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Interactivity is essential on your website if you want to stand out on the internet.

The more interactive your website is, the more opportunities you have to turn a visitor into a client and later a recurring buyer.

The Internet now is about the level of interaction a user has on your website. If your website hasn't it no doubts it will die since your visitors only skimming it and they abandon it quickly.

If you don't want to happen that you should make your website interesting in terms of functionality and usability.

Are you ready to make your website completely interactive? Here are some guidelines to make your site more interactive. 

Keep the Design Simple and Clean

You should bet on simplicity when it comes to designing your website. Visitors can easily get what is your site all about instead of confusing them with a confused and distracting design.

The idea behind a clean and simple design is to offer a great user experience. If your website is lacking it, you should think about a complete redesign throwing away things that sometimes are unnecessary. 

In the same regard, the cleanest website designs have a faster load which turns it into a better user experience. Plus, thanks to its simplicity it becomes cross-platform.

Provide Confirmation Screens


Ensure a complete user experience through good navigation on your website is just half of the battle.

The user should have the correct feedback after every action he does. For instance, when the user purchases from your site, you should guarantee they get a confirmation screen. Or if the user subscribes to your newsletter they should get a confirmation about the deal.

Providing proper confirmation messages helps users and give them direction about the current and next step. Something like a simple successful confirmation message sometimes is enough.

Use Social Media Links 


User interaction includes different ways to share your content on different social platforms on the web. Social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok are a great place to give your website visibility and awareness brand.

So, ensure to provide link options so users can easily and quickly share your content. You can set a social network button bar at the top of your website so users can follow your page or any content from your social network accounts.

The idea behind this is to keep your users updated with any content or event from your website.

Create helpful and engaging content


Successful websites are known because they provide helpful and engaging content. If you are thinking to increase your visitors and turn them into recurring clients you should take care of the website's content.

Certainly, there are different formats to share your content. Share a video, how-to guides, common blog posts, podcasts. If you’re on WP, you can also use one of the various types of charts to make data  dynamic. In either case, your content must be unique, helpful, and engaging.

Add Interactive Components


There is a tiny line between interactivity and distraction. Your website should provide interaction, not distraction.

You can add a few interactive components and sections on the website like colorful and dynamic hover-states on links or images.

Besides, it is a good idea to add informative videos about your services or what are your brand goals. In the end, you are building connections and relationships with the user.

Provide Ways to Interact


Provide different ways of how visitors can interact with you. Make sure your mailing address, phone number, or any contact information is placed on an accessible view.

The "Contact Us" page shouldn't miss on your site. This is the most common way users can interact with you. So add the form where visitors can request or ask any question.

Set up a comment section


Getting feedback will put you ahead of future issues. But it also will give you an idea of how your audience interacts with your content.

Allow visitors to leave comments and your comment sections to see what they think about your content or any question they have about it. 

So, set up an easy comment section where your readers can leave their thoughts. This is the space where you will engage with them. 

Have you ever read a blog post and afterward you wanted to thanks how helpful was but you didn't find where to leave it? So avoid it by providing a comment section.

Follow up User’s Comments


It is not worth having a comment section if you will not give follow up to the user's comments.

Providing a space for comment gives users the impression the website owner is really happy to get feedback and interaction.

Once your readers start to leave their comments you should respond to them as much as you can. This is one of the keys to your blog's success.

Responsive design


Nowadays, interactivity also includes making your website mobile user friendly. Therefore, ensure your website renders properly regardless of the device's ratios, viewport, or sizes. This is especially important if it’s a product landing page. This will ultimately improve your SaaS’ metrics, if your landing page is selling software, that is. 

To make your website met this user requirement it has to be developed using a responsive design.

A responsive design will allow you to provide a better user experience when users use their mobile devices. If they find a broken design while they navigate, they will abandon the site as soon as they land on your website.

Use Colors Wisely

Colors reflect emotions and feelings. Use colors wisely since some of them can cause fatigue, distraction, or a negative feeling on your readers.

Your colors are based on your brand principles. So choose the ones that convey those values. You should use the right color tone that grabs the user's attention. 

Also, use colors strategically on the important elements you want users to put their eyes on. Ensure choosing the right color palette too.

Keep a Consistent and Easy Navigation

Part of the user experience is based on how easy and quick users can navigate among all elements on the website. You need to make sure your website navigation is not wasting user's time. Confusing navigation will do it. 

If they are wasting time on getting information, then is a good idea to redesign your navigation flow. 

The main navigable elements must be instantly visible to the users. Also, they should keep consistency among different pages or sections of your website.

Integrate Interactive Tools


Adding interactive tools like quizzes and short fun games will make your site more enjoyable. All of them should be aimed to know more about your users or to provide them with important information about your brand.

You can do this by integrating a few simple software tools on your website. It's largely proven that boosts user engagement.

Use a user-generated content strategy

At some point, it is a good idea to allow users to post their content. Users like this since they feel part of your brand too. 

Everybody feels good when his content is published on a website. So bet on user-generated content is a great strategy if you want to increase user engagement.

You have to allow them to spread their voice. They have the chance to speak their minds, share useful information, and feel they are part of your community.

The comment section, forums, featured author of the week, question and answer boards are just a few ways of user-generated content. 

Yet, you have the task to encourage and convince your users to post their ideas and opinions. Once you achieve it, you will notice how interaction is better and users will want to come back for more.

Internal links


The more you keep users reading your blog the more engagement you get. It is essential that while a user is reading a blog post you offer related pieces to it.

That way you make sure the user can click on those related posts and go for more information. This means you keep your reader busy providing interesting, personalize, and helpful information.

Providing relevant links within each post will allow you to gain more interaction. It is more likely users continue reading the internal links.

Add valuable content


Your marketing strategy plays a big role in how interact with your audience. Your efforts can be wrapping for your marketing message.

Traditional marketing tools, such as newsletters, are rather one-directional. You need a two-directional way of communication.

Also, try to present your marketing message in a way that adds valuable content instead of a cold interaction. Your message shouldn't be to ask users to do something. 

Your message aim is to show that you care about your users and the honesty in building positive and long-relationships with them.



Newsletters are still one of the most powerful and effective ways to increase interaction on your website. Update your readers by sending daily or weekly newsletters with valuable content. 

They will feel important and happy to get valuable content to consume and even to share with their friends. This makes sure to keep users engaged

Newsletters can include links to deals, new posts you want to promote, or anything relevant e important to your users. Likely, they come back to your website by clicking them which in turn means to gain more traffic and visits.

Chat Widgets


Chats are the most personalize and direct ways of interaction. When a visitor landed on a website where he has the option to chat with a person it is extraordinary. 

A live chat is the more direct way of interactivity on a business website. Yet this is could be expensive for those non-business websites who could not afford it.

If that sounds like too much price and commitment, you have a second option. Chatbots have transformed the way of interactions and communications.

You can set them up easily and quickly. Also, they can be configured to answer predictive questions.

Feedbacks and ratings


The last one, but not the least is to constantly ask for feedback. If you want to hit your website goals you need to improve faster.

Improvement comes from feedback regardless if it is positive or negative. Ratings are also another way to get insights and important facts from your audience.

By asking for feedback you show care about what your readers think and feel about your products and services. This way of interaction helps to build an honest and strong relationship.

The end goal of feedback and rating is to determine what you need to keep, change, or remove from your current services and products. So you can offer a better version of your brand.

Making your website more interactive will help to offer the kind of service and products your visitors are looking for.

Users are finally the ones who ensure the need for your website. Getting your readers to interact with your site should be an integral part of your website design and content strategies.

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