How Will Technology Improve Your Handyman Business?

Written by Kevin Liew on 06 Jul 2020
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Handyman businesses are flourishing because of several reasons. Nowadays, people prioritize convenience and are eager to hire a professional even for a simple fix. Also, houses are often fitted with advanced features, appliances, and other fixtures that are too complex to maintain or repair. Indeed, if you’re a handyman, starting a business is an excellent idea. But, it isn’t easy, and success will be elusive if you don’t acknowledge the need to innovate.

The critical role technology plays in running a handyman business

The technologies we’re referring to here are digital tools and services that help businesses increase productivity and efficiency and keep their schedules filled. In general, handymen or trade providers are viewed as rather unsophisticated. Most of the time, you can get in touch with them only through phone calls. But as the internet started changing how service providers conduct business, even handymen are beginning to recognize and acknowledge the importance of technology. What are some aspects of your company that can benefit the most from incorporating digital tools?

Online administrative and financial management

Managing finances is a core aspect of any business. If you’re the sole proprietor, then you’ll have your work cut out for you. Instead of doing things manually, you can use online tools to keep track of expenses, record payments, and monitor invoices from clients. You can also find most ancillary services online that are vital to your operation. For instance, you can browse handyman insurance options, subscribe to mailing lists for suppliers, and use online accounting software to keep an eye on your business’ bottom line.

Scheduling app or software

As you grow your handyman business, managing a team of employees will eventually become more challenging. Keeping up with work schedules and monitoring their progress on-site will be a headache if you don’t use a scheduling software or application. A scheduling app is an excellent option because each of your employees can download it on their mobile phones. As long as there’s consistent internet access, you’ll be able to track location, send messages, and remotely oversee their work.

Build a business website

Nowadays, website builders are available for free if you want to try your hand at making a website to advertise your business. Also, maintaining and updating a website is easy if you use a website builder. A basic business website will allow you to publish company information, details about the services you provide and make your company more professional and reputable.

Advertising through social media

In addition to building a business website, marketing on social media platforms is also vital to increase your reach. A lot of people today leave reviews, feedback, and recommendations via social media. And, small trade businesses will benefit from creating organic engagement and word of mouth. Opening a business social media account, joining groups, or publishing ads on sites like Facebook will help greatly in attracting new clients. Social Buddy's service is trending on Google right now you can use for the growth of your social media account. 

Join a network of service providers

Finding clients is one of the hardest parts of running a handyman business. Luckily, you can cut down the work by joining a third-party network. These companies may require a portion of the revenue, but the small fee is worth it because you’ll get more clients.

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