How robots are transforming the world

Written by Kevin Liew on 24 Jul 2019
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There’s no surprise that in the future numerous technologies will emerge and will highly change our lives. But, among all the technologies that are shaping the way we live, some of them are highly important and have a huge impact on the future. 

Technology can do numerous things, and changing the world is not as difficult as many of us imagine. The human kind should feel privileged that technology and science can support their progress and help them improve their lives. 

Robots that think on their own, agro-robots, driverless cars and fully functioning arms are only some examples of how technology can transform the world. 

Be ready to discover some other ones that will blow your mind.  

They can improve the living standard

We need no proof to believe it, we have seen it multiple times that technology and science can improve the overall standard of living. We all remember the Industrial Revolution and its effects. We are living in a world where tech revolutions are happening regularly. Studies show that in the last five decades poverty was greatly reduced. The improvement happened faster than in the previous 50 years, so we are hoping technology can abolish poverty in the next 100 years. The main reason why the living standard improved is that technology highly improved our lives through progress. 

With software and robots at hand, automating most of the processes, people are living in a world more comfortable than they have ever lived, and the conditions are likely to get even better. 

They are bringing progress in the healthcare industry

We have great hopes when it comes to finding treatment for complex diseases. Robots are changing the healthcare industry and people cannot be thankful enough for the benefits they get. The chances are, in the future, people to see intelligent robots to check their health state. Before seeing a doctor, their condition will be evaluated by a robot that will make further recommendations and will interact with the patients in a similar way to a physician. 

But the progress will not stop here in the healthcare industry, it’s expected pharmabotics to be used instead of pharmacies. They will act like ATMs for drugs and treatment, so the patients will no longer have to talk with a stranger about their health problems. Studies show that many people feel uncomfortable to share with a pharmacist the symptoms they are experiencing, especially when other people are waiting in line. 

Cars with no drivers

Self-driving cars are a present reality, we have started to see them on the highway quite often, and automakers promise us that new models will soon be launched. While the self-driving cars we can buy nowadays still need human intervention, the future models are quite likely to be able to get the passengers to their destination with no help from the driver. 

If a few years ago people had doubts that automakers will ever manage to construct this type of car, at present nobody questions their ability to deliver vehicles that need no assistance. Waymo was the company that came up with the project, but all famous automakers have adopted it, and are working on their own robots and technology to launch on the market advanced cars. 

They are used in different industries

One industry that heavily relies on robots and robotic arms is the manufacturing and assembly one. More and more companies are automating their processes and robots have an essential role in the process. To name a few examples, a small industrial robot can be used for assembling, packing, sorting, transferring, and welding processes. 

When robots are used, industrial processes become more performant and effective, and companies are starting to rely on their robots to achieve performance. 

Machines are also used in managing large warehouses because they can perform certain tasks in safety conditions and they can ease workers’ job.   

They are a new type of workers

There’s nothing new in stating that a robot can be your co-worker. But, it’s expected machines to have a determining role in how the workplace will change in the future. As technology evolves, robots will find easier to take different roles in an organisation and human workers have to find a way to interact with their new colleagues. 

It’s expected robots to come with voice recognition features, so people to have no issues to communicate with them through different voice commands. Nikolas Badminton, one of the futurists in tech, thinks that in the near future when a human worker will arrive at work, a robot assistant will welcome them. The robot will assess the worker’s skills, and according to the tasks they have to complete, it will make recommendations on how they should complete them. 

They take some jobs but they create new ones

The rise of robots will highly affect the jobs industry because machines are expected to replace many human workers. Now, companies worldwide have started to replace their employees in logistics, administrations and transport areas. If self-driving cars are evolving the way automakers plan to do it, self-driving trucks will replace truck drivers in the future. 

Robots will perform telemarketing, tax return, and many other jobs. It’s expected in around 100 years robots to take over more than half of the occupations people are having now. 

However, people should not fear that they would have no job because the robots will take them. Yes, machines can complete certain tasks better, but all industries still need people to perform. It’s expected robots to be used to complete tasks, and not jobs. When robots are used to perform certain activities, new jobs and markets are created, so employers will still rely on their human workers to get the job done. People should not worry that they will be job-less because of the rise of robots, they should focus on getting trained to get new jobs. 

Robots are bringing countless benefits to the world and they are created with a single goal, to help humans do certain things better. They are transforming the world into a better one, but the secret is people to accept their help.  

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