How to Create a Company Logo: Handy Tips

Written by Kevin Liew on 29 May 2018
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A good business never stops evolving. Your priority as an entrepreneur must be boosting trust with your customers and differentiating your brand from hundreds of identical firms. In simple words, a brand is what your clients think about your business. A logo is the main identification element of your brand that helps your customers recognize your products and services in the oversaturated market.

Why is a logo so important?

It’s natural that you want your customers to only have the best impressions about the way you run your business. Plus, you want to grow a pool of loyal advocates of your brand. Our tip is to view your corporate logo as your profile photo on a dating website. Your photo catches the attention of your potential dates and makes them want to get to know you in real life. A good logo works the same way. It creates the first impression about your company and sends the right message to other market players (your audience, in particular).

A logo is not something that can be done half-way. Your corporate image is the first thing that will welcome your potential clients on your website, packaging, merchandise, and so on. With its huge impact in mind, make sure your emblem brings out the best in your brand.

Things to consider when working on your logo

  1. When developing a color palette for your emblem, it all comes to down to balance. Use no more than 3 hues. Avoid combining colors that don’t work well together. The most obvious “no-go” pairs that come to mind are red-blue and green-red. In such pairs, one color steals all the thunder and overshadows the other.

  2. Remember that you’re not a fashionista but a graphic designer (an amateur one, at least). Don’t fall for fly-by-night trends. Chances are that your now-trendy logo will become irrelevant in a few years’ time, if not sooner. Rely on time-tested methods. Classic techniques won’t let you down and help you create a timeless design!

  3. Your emblem must be clean and easily recognizable. Simplicity is the core of an effective design. Among the world’s most celebrated logos, you won’t find a single sophisticated composition.

  4. Study the connotations behind popular fonts to find out whether your selected typography solution fits your brand. For example, using Comic Sans in a legal company logo might not be the best decision. At the same time, a font like that will be a good choice for a company that manufactures children’s goods.

  5. Once your emblem is ready, fight the temptation to ask for your friends’ or family’s input on your artwork. Their subjective opinion may lead you astray. As a result, you may give up a worthy option only because one of your friends didn’t like it! Sounds absurd, don’t you think? Instead, it’s better to show 2-3 logo sketches to your target audience and use their feedback to make improvements and choose the best version.

How to create a great logo yourself

Designing a logo nowadays is much easier than it was a few decades ago. The Internet offers all kinds of guidelines to those who need inspiration or professional help. If you need a smart emblem for your project, you can delegate this task to a design studio, draw an emblem yourself by using a graphic editor (e.g., Photoshop), or use an online logo maker.

If your design budget is limited and the deadline is coming up fast, a smart online logo generator is, hands down, your best choice.

Check out Logaster which is one of the best logo makers out there.

  1. Go to the Logaster website and click “Create a Logo” on the main page.

  2. Enter your company name and select your specialization. Logaster will use these data to generate dozens of custom logo templates for your business.

  3. Choose the emblem you like best.

  4. Create as many logo versions as you like. Feel free to play around with colors, fonts, patterns, etc. You’re the one who decides what your design will look like!

  5. Once your design is ready, save the changes. A small-sized logo is downloadable for free. If you need a bigger emblem, you can save it in popular formats (JPEG, PNG, SVG, and PDF) for an affordable fee.The next step is using your beautiful logo to craft other brand identity designs (business card, envelope, letterhead, and favicon). Logaster is your personal design studio online!

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