How to Choose the Best 2017 Smartphone for Mobile Gaming

Written by Kevin Liew on 30 Sep 2017
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Many phone buyers have gaming in mind when they are shopping for a new device. For many, mobile gaming is more than just a way to pass the time while waiting for the Uber to arrive. There are many devices that are tailored to mobile gaming. Here's how to choose the best smartphone for mobile gaming.

Choose a Great Network and Phone for Gaming

When it comes to gaming, the network is often just as important as the phone itself. That is, online games are always more enjoyable on a lightning-fast network like T-Mobile paired with a powerhouse device like the Samsung Galaxy S8. With unlimited data and lightning 4G, T-Mobile can connect you to other gamers.

The Galaxy S8 is not necessarily branded as a phone that is built for gaming, but you'll be surprised how Samsung has catered to even the most serious gamer. Besides the big, bright screen and fast processor, the phone has a dedicated game mode and expandable memory.

Slow buffering, loading, downloading, and scrubbing can seriously hamper the online gameplay experience. Serious gamers know how a slow connection can reduce response time and ultimately hurt gaming performances. Simply put, online gaming is much more fun on a fast mobile network.

A Screen Built For Gaming

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The Galaxy S8 has a unique screen because it has adjustable resolution settings. In fact, the factory programming actually scales down the resolution to the standard HD setting (1920 X 2220). This resolution is extremely clear and great for everyday use because most apps don't fully utilize the highest resolution (1440 X 2960).

For most non-gamers, the standard resolution is just fine. That is, you will use more battery power if your resolution is set to the highest resolution, but you might not see any real difference on your screen. But this is not the case with mobile gaming because the resolution is extremely important.

Many games support the highest resolution settings of the S8. Serious gamers will want to immediately open up the settings and change the resolution from 1920 X 2220 (standard HD) to 1440 X 2960. This allows the most immersive, high-resolution gaming experience. Of course, not all games need the highest resolution settings, so it is nice to have the option of adjusting them.

A Fast Processor for the Most Intense Games

The high-resolution setting of the S8 wouldn't be very useful if the phone didn't also have a processor to support it. Some games use a lot of memory and demand a lot from your phone. Coupled with the demands of high-screen resolution, games that require a lot of memory would slow down a phone with a lesser processor. The Snapdragon 835 processor can handle this extra workload with ease. This ultra-fast processor can easily handle the most demanding phone operations because it is built with the most demanding games in mind.

A Designated Game Mode

How is the S8 able to handle memory-rich games while powering such a large, crystal-clear display? A designated game mode. "Game Mode" does much more than just hide notifications that would otherwise interrupt your game play. It also enables "Game Launcher," which organizes your games so they are easy to access. More importantly, Launcher can also automatically adjust your phone settings to be fully optimized for whatever game is being played. Some games require lower resolution and less memory, and Launcher automatically makes these adjustments so you don't waste battery or memory.

With Game Mode and all of its features, you can instantly turn your phone into a full-fledged gaming device. But even if you aren't an avid gamer, you might stumble across a few fun games to play in your free time. This handy feature is great whether you have 30 games on your phone or just three.

Having a phone that is such a capable gaming device should give you great peace of mind. Mobile games are very demanding on a phone, and you can rest assured that a phone that can handle these games can easily handle your everyday processes.

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