Free 20 Fabulous 3D Polygonal Animals Set

Written by Kevin Liew on 08 Sep 2017
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Polygonal drawing is quite a trend in 2017. Its simplicity and minimalistic can easily gain attention from people. Here we have a set of 20 JPG images with 4000x4000 resolution.

This wonderful set of polygonal animals is created by Blauananas. Make sure you check out his profile to other premium collections. It's available in AI, EPS, PNG and JPG format.

Welcome to our little zoo! 20 fabulous polygonal animals we’ve searched the whole world to put together to gift you the magic of 3D effect. Minimalistic and savage, they desire to be tamed – and finally bring some animalistic touch to your artworks: web design, clothing, stationery, packaging or even branding. The secret of their unbeatable success is hidden in their high quality, high resolution of every single object and all the latest design trends our dragonflies, dinosaurs, and deer starve to rush in. Finally, they are not allergens, so keep them aside as much you wish.

Pixel Buddha

Download Polygonal Animals Set

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