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Written by Kevin Liew on 05 Jan 2014
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You must have read articles about how a platform is revolutionizing the way websites are created by letting people design sites without needing any coding or programming skills. There are loads of website builders that claim to deliver but the vast majority of are over exaggerated.

Here is my insight and rebuttal to those amateur website creators, Webydo the online professional platform, is helping designers to create, manage and publish websites without the need to write a single line of code. Why should you trust Webydo when many other platforms are not delivering on their promise?

For starters, Webydo has been featured in numerous top notch publications such as Forbes, BBC, The Huffington Post, and TechCrunch. Then there is the fact that over 96,296 websites have been created and published with Webydo’s design platform and by more than 35k designers worldwide.

Webydo was created because the developers of Webydo needed a professional solution for themselves. They were well aware of the drawbacks of the traditional methods to create websites and so they decided to create a platform which would put the designers in charge.

Webydo lets designers create beautiful websites while the system converts the design into completely responsive code in the background. This means that designers won’t need a developer to create convert the PSD file into HTML code to create the website. Webydo’s technology does it for you, so you so you can design to your hearts content. Some of the important features of Webydo are discussed below.

Mobile and Tablet Versions

Millions of people are browsing the net on their cell phones and tablets. If you are designing a website, you just can’t ignore them and have to design your website to be to fit on all these platforms.

Webydo allows designers to create their website as usual and then easily adapt the design for the mobile version, along with the regular desktop version. The tablet view will be launched soon.

It also allows designers to create a responsive website with cross-browser capabilities which means the website will look fine no matter on which device it is viewed and no matter in which browser.

Drag and drop

Webydo offers the feature where designers can drag and drop elements such as shapes and images; texts and videos; flash and forms; widgets and menus; etc. The system automatically optimizes all the assets to deliver quality performance and pixel perfect designs.


The CMS or Content Management System of Webydo is professionally designed to suit designers’ needs. Though it is not a full-fledged CMS system, the users can still create their own new pages and will have access to content of all pages of the website. This implies that CMS users can alter the splash page and content of all pages and that CMS users should go through the same procedure as website designers while creating new pages. Both the designer and CMS user must create links from new pages to the main pages and similarly from the main pages to the new pages. An added benefit of the CMS is that the designers can set site permissions and lock specific design elements so that when a client enters to edit or update their site, they will not need to worry about tampering with the design.

Web fonts

A font that may look good on paper may not necessarily look good on a screen. For example Times New Roman is the font most widely used in books but hardly anyone uses it online. Fonts for the online world require different treatment.

Webydo offers hundreds of free open source fonts which are crafted for online usage. These fonts ensure clear typography that will give a great overall look and feel to your site.


Webydo has an option which allows for easy integration of Ecwid E-Commerce widget. This widget accepts a wide variety of payment solutions with a lot of stock control, a media rich category and product description. This famous E-Commerce solution gives you total creative freedom in creating quality online stores for your clients.

This professional website builder is setting the way as we move into 2014 in regards to web design and how creative professionals are approaching the web design process. Now, designers have complete and total freedom to take on clients, design, manage and publish these products from start finish and at a reasonable price. Webydo offers both freemium and premium plans. In both plans, you have access to all of the professional design features and CMS. In the free, you can create up to 15 pages, enjoy 1GB of storage, 24/7 customer support and publish your site on a Webydo sub domain. The Premium plan boosts the storage to 2GB, allows for unlimited page creation and hosting of custom domain name for $7.9/ month when billed annually or $9.9/ billed biannually.

In addition, if there is a feature that you do not yet see but feel like you can’t work without head over the Participate page and add it in. Webydo’s future is decided on you the designer. They created the forum so that you can add new feature suggestions, vote on ones you see and watch as your comments turn into reality. Enjoy the creative freedom, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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