Elite Pro: 850+ Vector Icons Usable As 13 Premium Web Fonts

Written by Kevin Liew on 28 Nov 2013
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Icons. They certainly make the world go round. Well, at least the World Wide Web, that is. If you're looking to add a set of icons to your latest project (be it an app, a template, theme, website, or whatnot), you most likely have some very specific needs. There's size, style and variety. With a library of more than 800 unique icons, the PictoFoundry Elite Pro pack should more than cover it.

Besides including 852 high-quality, professional icons spread out over 13 different categories, this collection includes the most popular icon sizes. If you need a smaller or larger size for some reason, that's easy to customize through the original files. However, the coolest of all, this icon set is also a collection of web fonts, so you can simply use basic CSS to control how they look on your site, no images necessary! The only thing not elite about this deal is the price. Yeah, just $29 gets you this incredibly versatile and useful icon set!

PictoFoundry Elite Pro Pack Highlights:

  • 800+ Unique Icons
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you PictoFoundry's full collection of professional icons. That's 852 high-quality icons to use on your website, app or whatever your next big project turns out to be!
  • 13 Icon Categories
    A collection of 852 icons is large load to deal with. Don't worry, though. They're not all from the same icon category. That'd either be perfect or perfectly useless depending upon your needs! No, this collection features 13 popular categories including: arrows, clothing, emotions, food, household, nature, sports, science, shopping, vehicles, and more!
  • Customizable
    Want to change up the size, shape, color or other details of any of these icons? Customize to your heart's content by using the master vector files included in your purchase. You'll receive files in .AI, .EPS., and .PDF formats. You'll also receive all of the icons in ready-to-use PNG format. (Note: These icons are designed to be consistent line icons and the stroke widths cannot be changed).
  • 9 Pre-Selected Sizes
    While you can alter the size of these icons to fit your needs, this Mighty Deal includes 9 different-sized sets of .PNG files based on the most popular sizes. Save yourself some time by using any of the already created icon images in the following sizes; 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, 80x80, 128x128, 256x256, and 512x512 pixels.
  • CSS Controlled Web Fonts, No Images
    PictoFoundry icons also have a pretty neat secret too. They're used as web fonts! That means you don't even have to add a single image to use them. Instead, you can just edit and style your icons right from your website's CSS itself. That means no dealing with Photoshop or image sprites.
  • Royalty-Free License
    The Elite Pro collection comes with a royalty-free extended license. That means you can use these icons in any of your projects as often as you'd like. Include them in your themes and templates and you're free to resell those themes an unlimited number of times.
  • Free Updates
    New icons are regularly added to the collection, and you're entitled to use them for free as well. Even better, you'll be alerted by email as soon as new ones are added so you'll never have to worry about missing the next great batch!
  • Up to 5 Users
    Each Elite Pro license is valid for up to 5 users! That makes these perfect for small businesses and agencies looking to work with this fantastic collection of icons.



This uniquely awesome set of 852 icons from PictoFoundry normally sells for $199, but for a limited time only, you can get the entire set for only $29! That's a massive 85% off the regular price!

BUY NOW and make an iconic stand today!
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