Creative Assets Shopping With A Twist: Cash Back On Some Of That Money

Written by Kevin Liew on 10 Oct 2013
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How many times were you forced to exceed the budget assigned for a project because the cumulated expenses of images, fonts, footage, etc. surpass what you imagined to be a comfortable margin? I found a way to save time and even earn money each time you embark on a quest for the right stock files. I’d like to introduce you to Lootback.

This service works as intermediary between your high standards and the legendary merchants who can most definitely meet your expectations. The royalty-free image agencies featured here are brands which belong to gurus like Envato and Getty Images, and they’re all rallied in the same place so that you can easily compare and contrast their products before making a final call. The unified search engine also saves you a lot of time because you’d no longer need to jump from site to site to be certain that you’ve made the most cost-effective choice.

Step one is to conduct your search by typing in the keyword(s) in the search box. You’ll be greeted with a lofty list of likely matches coming from every agency. Pay attention to the leftmost side of the results page, as it presents you with more options meant to narrow the scope of your request, such as setting a file type (photo, vector, video, and theme) and checking only those sources whence you want to buy.

Step two is to click on the image that you want, and you will be redirected to the corresponding agency in order to seal the deal as usual (so you better create an account there if you haven’t done so yet, and then take up prepaid credits to pay with). Lootback will provide you with discount codes as you make the purchase; for instance, you can save 14% when buying from iStock, and the Harvest Time collection from Deposit Photos takes 20% off all the files encased there.

Now comes the most important part: don’t neglect to sign up for Lootback by inserting your email address and a password, because that is where your Cash Back flows to. In a matter of 12 hours, the Dashboard will record each transaction associated with your account in Purchase History, and Payment History. Finally, 8% of what you spent appears in the Cash back earnings section of the Dashboard, and is available for cashing out via paypal in 7 to 90 days – after the agency itself processes the commission.

Bottom line is that you’ve only to gain from integrating tools like Lootback in your everyday work. Not only do you get Cash Back whenever you buy a stock photo, but you’ll find whatever it is that you’re craving for in no-time.

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Brian 11 years ago
Very neat! I just got $48 cash back!